Jason BehrLeading

Jason Behr in Hot!

Thanks to MEMENTAL for sending this in!

There’s this new magazine out, called HOT!, and in their premiere issue
(July/August2000) they have two pages on Jason Behr. One page is a full page pic and the other has info on Jason, as follows:

Birthdate: December 30 (Capricorn)
Hometown: Minneapolis, Minnesota
TV Guy: In addition to his role on Roswell, he’s also had guest-starring
roles on “7th Heaven,” “Buffy the vampire Slayer” and “Dawson’s Crees!”
Short Story: “I remember the moment I walked into high school. I was
probably a good two feet smaller than every other guy in there.”
Hot dog: He has a brown spotted Dalmatian named Joplin.
Hot dogger: Jason is a certified ski instructor.
Hot band: “If I could have be in any band, I think it would be The Beatles.
That would have been a lot of fun.”


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