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Maxim Chat Transcript With Katherine Heigl

Thanks to heiglfan who mentioned this on the MB and to everyone else who let me know about the transcript. To read the whole transcript, go Maxim Chat Transcript here.

maximonline.com: What is the best part about Roswell?
katherine heigl: Probably having a steady job that goes for 9 months�and working with really exciting people. Also they’re really funny.
maximonline.com: What’s going to happen next on Roswell?
katherine heigl: I think we’re gonna spend most of next season fighting the bad aliens that are on earth. I’m not exactly sure, but that’s what I feel.
maximonline.com: Do all aliens have pretty skin?
katherine heigl: According to our DP we all have pretty skin!
maximonline.com: Do you believe in life on other planets�
katherine heigl: Yeah, absolutely!
maximonline.com: Independence Day life�or like cuddly ET’s?
katherine heigl: I have no idea, I think it’s up to the individual and their imagination.

Orangeneedle: What is it like working w/ the rest of the cast of Roswell?
katherine heigl: We have a great time�lots of fun�joke around. We support each other and we fight since it’s such a young cast�we’re like a family and get along great.
maximonline.com: Any pranks on set?
katherine heigl: No, we just try to gross each other out as much as possible�Lots of mooning and farting, they usually gross me out.
maximonline.com: What’s the grossest thing they did?
katherine heigl: For me�one day we were hanging out on the set and there’s the symbol for the alien�it was supposed to be burning the grass and they were treating it like a breast�
maximonline.com: But you’re not a prude?
katherine heigl: Not any more�not on that set, no way!

kattart: Miss Heigl, since you are on a show about aliens, um, do geeky boys hit on you a lot? Do you hit back?
katherine heigl: No, no one ever hits on me�it’s so sad�no one ever approaches to hit on me.
maximonline.com: Uhhh� we feel the same way�

Creedfan: How do you feel about the fans sending bottles of Tabasco to the people of the WB?
katherine heigl: I loved it�they were fantastic.
maximonline.com: Did it piss off stuffy executives�
katherine heigl: No, but it annoyed them and thrilled them�It was great to have all of that support and the people at the WB took note of it. It’s so good to know that what we’re doing is being appreciated. WE LOVED IT!

anna02: If you could write an episode of the show, what would you have happen?
katherine heigl: I really don’t know�I’d love to write an episode, but since I’m so insecure I wouldn’t know what to say. I’d love to visit the home planet, take a little trip in space.

hambone: Miss Heigl, if you could have a special alien power, what would it be and why? I personally would like to make everything, even carpets and lampposts, taste like bacon.
katherine heigl: That’s a weird one, but if it works for you. I like the dream�walking thing�The biggest problem we have these days is communications�this way we’d know what people were thinking.