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Various Cast Information On “Roswell”

Thanks to Fraz for letting me know that “Roswell” will be preempted on Monday, December 11th so that The WB can air a special program entitled “Teens.” “Roswell” should return the following week on December 18th

Thanks to Suzan for this:

I believe it’s the same John Doe, because I don’t know of any others, but
John Doe is supposed to appear on Craig Kilborn on Friday, November 10th.
I’m not sure if the date is right because my source has been a day off
before, but I just thought you’d like to know if you don’t already.

Thanks to mukooh for sending this in:

john doe, the actor and musician who played geoffrey parker (liz’s
father) in the episodes, ‘the pilot,’ ‘leaving normal,’ ‘heat wave,’
‘into the woods,’ and ‘sexual healing’ will be on the craig kilborn show
friday november 10th. check your listings.

Thanks to Erin for this

the WB 55 Cleveland’s website has some Roswell info on
there Did you know section? including a little blurb
on Emilie, and Brendan and Majandra at the bottom of
the page….

Did You Know?

Once you get on that page, you can also go to interviews where there’s some interviews with Jason, Katherine and Brendan

Thanks to GEMOFTHEYEAR for this :)

I just wanted to tell you that in the December/January issue of Cosmo Girl there’s an article about Emilie DeRavin on page 30. Thanx!!