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Brendan Fehr, plays Michael, an impulsive teen alien on the show Roswell. After a busy day at a photo shoot he took time to answer all your questions about Roswell, his high school days in Canada and his monster-sized dog. Is it just us or does it seem like he’s got a crush on co-star Majandra Delfino (Maria)? Read on for the evidence.

Brendan: Hey everybody out there in web land, thanks for logging on and hope I can answer all your questions. And yes, this is Brendan Fehr!

surferdawl_2k asks: Happy belated b-day! I hope you had a fun one! How do you spend your latest b-day?
Brendan: My roommates we were going to throw a Halloween party, which we did, but they also, without my knowing, turned it into a surprise birthday party as well. The cast of Roswell showed-up along with some other friends of mine from here. It was a nice surprise and fun!

brendan_n_jasonslittlealiengrl asks: Hey Brendan, my name is Deana, I am a HUGE fan of the show!! I was just wondering if you think that the Roswell crash really happened in 1947?
Brendan: I believe that there is a possibility that it crashed in ’47. But I’m always very wary about making decisions on things when I wasn’t born yet. I don’t like to be wrong! But I think something did crash. Whether it was a UFO or a government top secret project that went awry, it was probably something fairly suspicious.

surferdawl_2k asks: Do you relate to the character, Michael, you portray on the show “Roswell”?
Brendan: In certain ways, yes. I don’t think he minds being alone all the time. Obviously it gets to him because he’s alone all the time. But for the most part he doesn’t mind doing things on his own, which I can relate to. I never liked group work in school. He’s also very black and white, he’s got his own set of rules. And he tries to adhere to them very closely. You can do this, you shouldn’t do that….that’s kind of the same as me. Me and him don’t like grey areas where you’re not sure what to do. Other than that, I probably smile a lot more, even though my co-star Majandra would probably disagree. She says I catch myself smiling and turn it off. But I do smile a lot more and I’m probably more talkative.

react_host asks: How about that Maria relationship?
Brendan: Very rocky. Very hot and cold. You’ll never know from one scene to the next whether they’re going to be friendly with each other or not. That’s one of those grey areas that Michael isn’t dealing with in a very constructive way.

roswellrealm asks: I heard you were hot for your costar Majandra Delfino…any chance we’ll be hearing about a relationship soon?
Brendan: In real life? No, in terms of boyfriend-girlfriend there is nothing going on. But I have grown fairly close to her as a friend. For some odd reason. Because our personalities clash. And where are you getting your information?

fehr_gurl asks: if you were stranded on a desert island what 3 things would you not being one of them!
Brendan: I’d probably take a Metallica CD, the new one, S & M. And my buddies Greg and Bryan.

dravencrow00 asks: Do you get asked if you are an alien in public?
Brendan: No, I get a lot of alien questions in general. But they are more so, have I had any alien encounters, do I think I’ve met anyone who’s an alien, would you want to meet an alien. But I’ve never been asked if I’m an alien. I’ve been asked if I’m stupid, but never an alien?!?

irelandcp asks: Are you surprised by the popularity of Roswell?
Brendan: To a certain extent, yes. If you had asked me that question before I had seen the pilot, even while we were filming it, I probably wouldn’t have given the show a very good chance. But after seeing the pilot, I saw how well it was done, and I thought then that the chances were very good that people would tune in, stick with it and enjoy it.

bfehrfan asks: What has been your favorite episode so far? Fave moment?
Brendan: Favorite one that has been televised was 285 South. That’s when I kidnapped Majandra and stole her car. It was one of the first times actually where you saw Michael, a different side to Michael. That’s kind of the beginning of this other side that will develop this new relationship with a girl. And one that is upcoming which hopefully will turn out, it was really hard filming it, it’s called The Balance. I don’t want to give anything away, but I got to do a lot of stuff I had never done before. For Michael and all the other characters and the audience, it will be a very telling episode. It reveals a lot about the background.

marilynmonroenyc asks: So, Brendan, what’s your next movie Flight 180 about?
Brendan: The name has actually been changed, it’s called “Final Destination.” It’s about one kid who has a premonition of the airplane he’s about to board crashing. And he creates a fuss about it, and about five of us end up getting off with him. My character stays on the plane which subsequently goes down in a heep of flames. And the story is about how those people cheated death and death then comes after them in various ways trying to finish what it started.

ashton1977 asks: Do you guys travel to New Mexico to tape the show?
Brendan: No we tape it in Los Angeles on the Paramount lot. And in surrounding areas.

ariehl_2000 asks: Do you have a Canadian accent that you are having to cover up on the show?
Brendan: Yes, I still once in a while will have a Canadian accent. But living down here and being around the Americans I don’t have to so much cover it up anymore as it’s not there. But I do slip up and get teased.

mariadguerin asks: Michael is such a soulful character. I was wondering if you’ve ever created any art in real life.
Brendan: LOL! I am the last person to create art I think. I’m a terrible drawer. I want to teach myself to play guitar, and probably if I go about creating any art it’ll just be strumming together a few notes.

steffsie_81 asks: What was the last movie you’ve seen?
Brendan: “The Insider” with Al Pacino and Russell Crowe and Christopher Plummer. One of those three is going to win an Oscar, it was absolutely amazing. Christopher Plummer plays Mike Wallace. It’s about a tobacco scandal that 60 Minutes wanted to cover and how they kind of backed down from covering it and wanted to give a censored version of it for legal reasons. And Pacino’s character, the producer of the piece, fights for it to be aired in its entirety. It’s long but amazing. “Happy, Texas” is also a must see. Steve Zahn is hilarious.

scottyboy555 asks: do you hang out with cast members after work?
Brendan: Generally after work it’s about 1 AM. So no! But when we have free time or on weekends, yeah, we’ll hang out together. But sometimes on the days I have off, everybody else is working, so it’s a little hard. But we have so much fun on set that it’s like going out and having a good time.

miristar asks: I would like to know about the 2 silver rings you wear. Are they for your character, or are they your own? What do they mean to you?
Brendan: They are my own. The thick one on my right hand I bought in Vancouver when I was living up there, I bought it on the street. It’s kind of the prototype of the type I would want for my wedding ring. It’s very thick and plain. But if I tried passing it off to my wife, she’d probably want platinum gold instead of sterling silver. And the one on the index finger of my left hand is a ring my best friend gave me before I left Winnipeg. And I thought it would be a nice gesture. I hate to take it off, no one had any problems with my wearing it on the show. It’s a reminder of home and him.

me02837 asks: mets or yankees?
Brendan: Mets!

brendan_n_jasonslittlealiengrl asks: HAPPY THANKSGIVING!! What are you doing for dinner on Thanksgiving? You can come over my house!!
Brendan: Being from Canada, our Thanksgiving was in October. And in Canada it’s not really a big holiday. It’s basically just an excuse for a turkey dinner. I’ve been kind of shocked how big it is down here. Everybody’s been asking me what I’m doing for Thanksgiving, and I’ve said nothing and everyone feels sorry for me. So I’ve been invited several places.

Equus1300 asks: hey, do you have a favorite hockey player?
Brendan: Yes. Trevor Linden. I lived in Vancouver for 13 years and I grew attached to Linden and stuff and followed him even when I moved to Winnipeg. But he doesn’t hit or play as aggressive as I’d like him to. He did in the 94 Stanley Cup finals. And if he’d play like that all the time, he’d probably be one of the better players in the league. But if I could watch anyone play right now, I’d have to ask for Wayne to come out of retirement. Or go to New York and watch Theo Fleury play.

RebeccaJ2 asks: how do you plan on celebrating the end of the 90s come New Year’s Eve?
Brendan: I will be in Winnpeg, Manitoba. And it will be about minus 25. And I don’t know what activities are planned, but me and my friends and family will probably be on the corner of Portage and Main howling at the stars. Or having some crazy winter barbecue in our backyard.

peepers250_99 asks: Is it hard eating all that hot sauce?
Brendan: It’s actually V8 Berry Splash, and I hate V8, but this stuff just kind of tastes like fruit punch, so it’s not so bad.

justyzmickee asks: What do you look for in a girlfriend?
Brendan: Obviously you’ve got to be physically attracted to them. But the best looking girls can turn out to be very ugly if you’ve got a terrible personality. And a lot of times someone you didn’t find the most attractive turns out to be very beautiful once you get to know them. So it’s personality, sense of humour, and religious and morals are probably the most important. The values they hold and upkeep.

babybluejess asks: Did you go to your prom?
Brendan: We don’t have proms in Canada. We have what you call graduation. I went to a private school, so we went to a church and had the valedictorian and all the speeches. Our ceremony was held there. And then afterwards we had a dinner with all the parents at a big old fancy hotel. And because the school I went to condones dancing, that’s the policy of the school not necessarily what the teachers or students believe, the teachers and students had independently of the school planned a dance at one of the student’s houses which we then went to afterwards.

mariadguerin asks: Does your hair look like that when you wake up in the morning?
Brendan: Yes it looks like that. In some places it’s flatter and in other places it’s higher. I usually wash it in the morning, and I’ll put my hair goop in it, and stand it up as high as it will go. Drive to work. Then go and sleep on my couch in my trailer for about 20 minutes. Wake up. And then usually go into the chair and let the hairdresser make sure it’s not flat in the back where I can’t really see. Then a little bit of hairspray is put on. And that is the process. So sometimes I have to do that twice before it turns out.

starcollector_77 asks: What’s your favorite cereal?
Brendan: Right now I am absolutely, 100 percent addicted, to Fruity Pebbles.

smappypeapod asks: What’s the most embarassing thing thats ever happened to you?
Brendan: Hmm. It takes so much to embarrass me…

roswellg2 asks: Do you have any pets?
Brendan: Yes, I have a 8 1/2 month Rottweiller named Opa. Who I named after my grandpa. That’s grandpa in German. Even though it’s a girl dog. She weighs about 85 or 90 pounds now.

chase_trinity asks: What is your new years resolution for the year 2000
Brendan: It’s just a general one, be a better person. And to learn how to play guitar.

mariadguerin asks: What’s your favorite Ice Cream flavor (from 285 South, Isabel and Liz)
Brendan: Michael Guerin’s is pistachio. But mine is this Baskin Robbin’s one, chocolate with chunks of darker chocolate in it, I forget what it’s called.

CanadianSpice21 asks: What kind of music are you into?? Favorite band??!!
Brendan: Right now I’m actually listening to the new Metallica. So definitely them, Aerosmith, the Tragically Hip which you should know very well. The Rolling Stones. Filter. Just good old loud rock ‘n roll basically.

S_M_A_R_T_I_E_S asks: WHat song would you pick that best describes you?
Brendan: I would say – hmm – as a joke I’d pick Kid Rock’s new song, Cowboy, to be my theme song. It talks about moving to LA and making it big and things like that, it’s kind of funny.

pixie_98362 asks: What is it like wearing all that black in the middle of the desert
Brendan: Hotter than all get out…. It was funny because I generally choose my clothes. And the clothes that Michael wears, a lot of it is very me, just tee shirts and plain jeans. I figured his character would do that considering that he is from a fairly low income family.

brandif666 asks: Hey Brendan… I heard that you were previously in training to be an accountant, nice… I take that you’re stoked with the way that that things have turned out for you presently. do you have any movies planned for the next hiatus yet?
Brendan: For a while I was planning on being on accountant, and then I geared all my education towards being a teacher in grades 11 and 12. I wanted to teach math. Then I kind of fell into this. And yes, I have been very excited about what has been laid before me in the whole scheme of things. In terms of movies, there are a couple that I’ve been looking at. I haven’t really found one that I’ve gone after full bore yet. I just want to make sure I do something really good, not necessarily big budget or mainstream or anything like that.

S_M_A_R_T_I_E_S asks: Do you like to do stuff like pull pranks on people on the set?
Brendan: We’re just in general rowdy, not so much prankish, but more just out and out annoying! We constantly make fun of each other, fart jokes are always funny. It’s like high school all over again, like a bunch of pre-pubescent kids having fun.

eorann2000 asks: How do you spend your free time Brendan?
Brendan: Sleep. Generally a lot of sleeping and a lot of catching up on errands you couldn’t do during the week because you were working. Oil change on the truck. Pay your bills, return fan mail. Walk the dog. Probably a dinner here or there with some of the friends outside of the show.

purekismet asks: Do you keep in contact with your friends back in Canada?
Brendan: Yes. We’re as close as we’ve ever been, but being boys and the kind of boys we are, we’re not big on phone calls. So I’ll talk to them about once every three weeks.

Xtacy3 asks: Do you ever watch the show when it airs on the WB?
Brendan: Yes, if I’m not working and I happen to be home, I’ll watch it cause I want to see what everybody else is seeing. I mean I can a get a copy but it’s not the same. I want to see the commercials they put in, who took the plunge and advertised during the time slot.

CrypticGirl86 asks: What’s your fave TV show?
Brendan: Generally, if I watch any TV it’s sports. I don’t get hockey night in Canada anymore which I’m really disappointed at. But I’m always up for the reruns of Seinfeld. And there’s a lot of good TV out there. But there’s no one show that I sit home and wait for.

doclori30 asks: what’s your favorite book?
Brendan: Yes, probably one that will always be my favorite is “Where The Red Fern Grows.” Brilliant. That and I read one recently, a book by Richard Russo, he wrote one called “Mohawk” which I still have to read, but there was another one he wrote that I really liked, I forget the title. And “Catcher In the Rye.”

faness22 asks: Are you planning on doing any talk shows, letterman , leno , conan.
Brendan: If they want me. The show is so relatively new and a lot of people, most people, don’t really know who I am. so in the whole scheme of things, I’m not what anyone would consider star material. So we’ll probably have to wait to do one of those until I have a movie.

babyfrickz asks: Hello Brendan! If you were invisible for 24 hours, how would you spend your day?
Brendan: I would probably hop on a plane, cause I could do it for free, and go to Winnipeg and …I don’t know… what would I do… I would go depending on what season it was, I would sneak into professional hockey practice, or football practice, or get up and find out where Metallica was playing, and sing with them…

bliss06 asks: Do you ever surf the web and check out all of the Roswell sites?
Brendan: I don’t have a computer, but my manager does, and he informs me what people are saying about me on the show.

mariadguerin asks: Are you comfortable at all with the fame?
Brendan: Yeah, I don’t find it too bad yet. But I was at Disneyland a little while ago and I happened to walk by a bunch of girls who were waiting for one of these boy bands that was playing there. It wasn’t scary, it was nice, but I just felt sorry for the person I was with! Cause I’m stuck there while they’re waiting on the sidelines for an hour. And then a little while ago I tried to go bowling, and there was a little bit of a wait. So I sat there waiting, and there were people coming up to me asking me, which was fine, and kind of nice, but at the same time a lot of them want you to have a half hour conversation with them and you can’t really have one of those conversations when you’re with other people. So in that sense it’s getting a little bit harder, but it’s still nice. I’d be doing the same thing if it was Wayne Gretsky or James Dean if he was still alive, not that I’m putting myself in the same class as those two!

peepers250_99 asks: Do you have a favorite video game?
Brendan: One of my favorites was Metal Gear Solid. And I just bought the DreamCast as well, so I’ve been playing NFL 2K which is amazing. And I’m big into the EA Hockey Playstation. But right now me and two friends are working on Star Wars. And I have it at my house but I’m only allowed to play it while they’re here.It’s a group activity and they get mad.

sublime_muffin asks: Back to the kiss, did you practice off camera?
Brendan: No! But I get several tips from Majandra. She wanted it to look good. So I was told not to scrunch my chin, I was told not to kiss her too hard.

mariadguerin asks: What is your favorite Michael quote?
Brendan: One of the more memorable ones would be when I made a statement to Liz: “Thank you for giving me one more reason to envy Max Evans.” Because it showed Michael, that he knew how good of a friend Max Evans actually is. And it also showed a softer side because he was complimenting Liz as well. Because the fact that Max Evans and Liz were involved, that he had gotten such a great girl, he kind of let her know that.
Brendan: Thank you very much!