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JasonBehrLive: Dan: Welcome to everyone and welcome to Roswell chat
JasonBehrLive: with Jason Behor …
JasonBehrLive: Give us a rundown
JasonBehrLive: Jason: Who go through life that is teenagers. I play Max
JasonBehrLive: Behr: He found out that he was the kind of this planet
JasonBehrLive: sometime in the second season which started the alien
JasonBehrLive: Dan: Give us an idea of the hybrid chronciles
JasonBehrLive: Behr: I am not actually sure how that is going to go … the
JasonBehrLive: between the two of them have been through so much ..
JasonBehrLive: I’m not sure what they are going to do
JasonBehrLive: Behr: I’ve been acting quite a bit since I was a kid
JasonBehrLive: a way for me to channel my youthful exhuberance I guess.
Question: If you were’nt acting what would you see yourself doing?
JasonBehrLive: I had a lot of energy when I was a kid.
JasonBehrLive: Probably, I really have no idea, that is the only thing I can
JasonBehrLive: For a balance between the two of them. When we have a story
JasonBehrLive: that involves both the darky, edgy science fiction elements
JasonBehrLive: and the relationships, those are the most interesting
JasonBehrLive: stories. When you hgave too much of either one of them you
JasonBehrLive: can turn off certain viewers. It’s nice to have a balance
between the two of them.
JasonBehrLive: I think high school is such an important part of a lot of
JasonBehrLive: lives either good or bad. I think high school has a very
lasting impressions
JasonBehrLive: whetehr they like it or don’t like it. It also helps when you
are walking
Question: Do you enjoy fame or would you prefer an ordinary life?
JasonBehrLive: through lockers, have a backpack, the environment sort of
JasonBehrLive: on the stage, and sort of remember those times.
JasonBehrLive: To be hones, I am working so much, I’m really not
JasonBehrLive: outside just hanging out and on the streets, I really working
JasonBehrLive: all the hours on the show. If anyone ever comes up and
JasonBehrLive: says anything, it’s usually very complimentary, and that
Question: What has been your favorite episode this season and last ?
JasonBehrLive: kind of stuff usually puts a smile on your face.
JasonBehrLive: It’s a toss up from either the pilot has been my favorite
JasonBehrLive: the first episode was very powerful .. all the actors gave
JasonBehrLive: real strong performances .. I thought there was a nice
JasonBehrLive: balance of the comedy between Michael and his
JasonBehrLive: battle and the drama of Max’s situation, and the strange that
he let die.
Question: Do you relate to you character in any way?
JasonBehrLive: I think that was one of the more powerful episodes.
JasonBehrLive: Sometimes, there is always a little bit of yourself
JasonBehrLive: in the characters that you play .. you forget about
JasonBehrLive: who you are when youre playing these characters. I thin
JasonBehrLive: Max is a little more indecisive, and understably so, he has
JasonBehrLive: the weight of the world on his shoulders. He is a little
JasonBehrLive: shy, a little hesitant, and a little indecisive.
JasonBehrLive: Absolute,y whenever you are doing a season of a series,
JasonBehrLive: you are playing the same character over and over again,
JasonBehrLive: it’s always refreshing to do something different. The New York
JasonBehrLive: version of Max, I was only on there for the very first minute
JasonBehrLive: of the show. I think all the actors were going for a very
JasonBehrLive: different take on their New York counterparts. I think the
JasonBehrLive: idea was to take these characters and kind of play
JasonBehrLive: what if, what if they grew up without parental
JasonBehrLive: of free reign with their abilities. Quite different
characters, quite different animals.
Question: Do you know if thre is a sure third season to Roswell?
JasonBehrLive: We don’t know yet. Nobody has told us if we are
JasonBehrLive: or not coming back. It’s always an issue when we come near
the end
JasonBehrLive: of the season. I don’t know of any of these shows that
JasonBehrLive: have beemn picked up for the next season.
JasonBehrLive: Well, the fans were very helpful last year, allowing people
JasonBehrLive: to really see it. The show is being watched, and that
JasonBehrLive: that it should stick around, but I’m not sure.
Question: Jason, Have you learned anything about yourself while playing max?
Question: If so what did you learn?
JasonBehrLive: I learned that I need a lot more sleep than I get.
JasonBehrLive: I’ve learned tha tI guess Max has a certain humanity
JasonBehrLive: that is both frustrating and refreshing, because I think he
JasonBehrLive: the world through different eyes than I do.
JasonBehrLive: I guess I’ve learned to be a little more open-minded about
JasonBehrLive: Always have a better question about who he is and what he
Question: Who do you admire the most in the world, living or dead?
JasonBehrLive: First and foremost, my mother.
JasonBehrLive: A lot of beliefs in me and values that I use every day
JasonBehrLive: she’s been my hero as long as I can remember.
JasonBehrLive: Other than that, career-wise, I admire Paul Newman, probably
JasonBehrLive: who stands out most.
JasonBehrLive: NO particular film, every film that he does, he
JasonBehrLive: is amazing in. I can’t think of one film that he has
JasonBehrLive: done that I said I didn’t like his perofrmance.
JasonBehrLive: If I look at someone;’s career that mirror’s that, it would
JasonBehrLive: be Paul Newman. He is a true representative of class, he
JasonBehrLive: makes a helluva slad dressing. More money is made
JasonBehrLive: on Newman’s brand name than his films, and all trhe money
JasonBehrLive: his company makes goes to charity. To me, that is doing
Question: Hey Jason,
Question: I want to be an actor on T.V just like you! What advice can you
Question: me to persue my dream in television?
JasonBehrLive: something with who you are.
JasonBehrLive: The best advice that I could probably give anybody to believe
JasonBehrLive: themselves. Don’t let anyone tell you
JasonBehrLive: that things are not possible, because they are possible.
JasonBehrLive: I kind of just happened. I was in North Carolina when I read
JasonBehrLive: the script for Roswell,. The character was so different than
JasonBehrLive: the one I was playing on that show.
JasonBehrLive: I think anybody around my age was into science fiction
JasonBehrLive: in my age .. Star Wars, ET, Battlestar Galatica, it was kind
JasonBehrLive: normalo to be a science fiction buff to that degree.
JasonBehrLive: It fascinated me .. the Internet fascinates me. It allows
JasonBehrLive: to exhange information so freely that innovating and scary
JasonBehrLive: at the same time, because sometimes I wonder how much
JasonBehrLive: of this information is true, you have to consider the source.
JasonBehrLive: So weird, I can talk with somebody in Japan for Crissakes.
JasonBehrLive: The techolongy is great, but I am not quite comfortable with
JasonBehrLive: and I don’t surf the net as often as I should.
JasonBehrLive: Absolutely, it’s very flattering, they don;t need to do this
JasonBehrLive: they don’t need to spend the time doing this …
JasonBehrLive: it’s very flattering. It’s kind of surreal. I never expected
JasonBehrLive: that kind of stuff when I got into this.
Question: Are you good friends with the cast? Who’s your favorite?
JasonBehrLive: It’s very flattering
JasonBehrLive: It’s funny, the very first few months before we started
JasonBehrLive: working on the show, we hung out a lot.
JasonBehrLive: We decided to get to know each other before we started working
JasonBehrLive: those long hours. We found ourselves spending so much time on
the set
JasonBehrLive: that when we would leave the set, we would go live our own
JasonBehrLive: We’ve been getting a lot better as we’ve sort of got used
JasonBehrLive: to the scheduel. We are hanging out a lot more
JasonBehrLive: now than we have in a long time.
JasonBehrLive: Not really .. we’re pretty good to each other
JasonBehrLive: There’s no real super huge pranks or anything like that.
JasonBehrLive: Every now and then, that might have happened.
JasonBehrLive: We have a thing that we could out and jama juice a lot
JasonBehrLive: some of the cast embers just get more fiber.
Question: Do you have another passion, aside from acting?
JasonBehrLive: I like to spend a lot of time with my family.
JasonBehrLive: It’s the most important thing to me. But, I spend a lot of
JasonBehrLive: outdoors with my family and my dog, spend a lot of
JasonBehrLive: time with my dog. I like to play basketball a lot.
JasonBehrLive: I’m really a student of film, I really enjoy the film process.
JasonBehrLive: I watch as many movies as I can when I have free time.
JasonBehrLive: It depends on the beginning of the season, you pretty much
JasonBehrLive: know what is going on the first half of the year.
JasonBehrLive: Things keep popping up, you have no idea.
JasonBehrLive: I could ont tell you what is happening in the next episode,
other than
Question: jason i love u! my name is adriana and my question is what do u
Question: think is hardest scene youve done on roswell?
JasonBehrLive: the one we are shooting right now, I don’t know what is
JasonBehrLive: There are two kinds of real difficult scenes.
JasonBehrLive: They are the ones that are physically draining, like there is
JasonBehrLive: this one scene where I had to run through the streets of
JasonBehrLive: We probably started shooting around 1 o’clock and didn’t stop
JasonBehrLive: shooting until 6 in the morning. All I did was run, no
JasonBehrLive: just running. That was very physically draining. There
JasonBehrLive: are also ones that are emotionally draining, like when Max
JasonBehrLive: the children in the hospital. Me, just being there and the
JasonBehrLive: idea of trying to give thes kids the gift back, it
JasonBehrLive: was very emotionally draining to me.
Question: What’s the hardest part of max’s personality for you to portray?
JasonBehrLive: Probably, his decision making. A lot of times what frustrates
JasonBehrLive: mes about the cahracter, a lot of times he is so cautiois and
so thoughtfukl
JasonBehrLive: of things, he doesn;t know which way to go.
JasonBehrLive: He sometimes can be so cautious, almost paralyzing. He doesn’t
JasonBehrLive: do anything. He nedss to be more practive and make decision
Question: any movies on the horizon?
JasonBehrLive: reight along. At least he could say that he made a judgement.
JasonBehrLive: Right now most of my focus is on the show, I would
JasonBehrLive: love to do films. I enjoy watching films as I said before, I
JasonBehrLive: the whole prcoess of it. When I get the opportunity to move
JasonBehrLive: that venue, I will. Right now, the scripts I’ve been reading,
the stories
JasonBehrLive: that are being told, are not the most unique stories out
JasonBehrLive: I’m just waiting for the right one.
JasonBehrLive: There are some things that are going to happen in the next
few episodes
JasonBehrLive: that really do change the lives of all these kids.
JasonBehrLive: Some things that are going to come up that aren’t really
JasonBehrLive: expected, or expected in a way that none of them
JasonBehrLive: are really ready for.
JasonBehrLive: probably when Max sang. I couldn’t believe they did that to
JasonBehrLive: There is this episode called End of the World, this future
JasonBehrLive: version of Max comes back to present-day Roswell
JasonBehrLive: to break up Liz and Max, the younger Max tries to sing to
her, and I
JasonBehrLive: was really surprised by that. I knew Max couldn’t sing, so
JasonBehrLive: I don’t know why he was.
Question: Have you heard anything about viewers wanting Roswell to bring
Question: core characters and relationships back as the focus of the show?
Question: Are their plans to guide Roswell back into that direction?
JasonBehrLive: These hyberchronicles are pretty science fiction-based, we
are going
JasonBehrLive: to slow it down a bit and find out how it effected the
JasonBehrLive: Swing it back the other way
JasonBehrLive: It’s interesting because when we were first doing the pilot
JasonBehrLive: we heard some temp music of what the theme was going to be
JasonBehrLive: We didn’t want that thing like Dawason’s Creek, like a one-hit
JasonBehrLive: wonder. We really didn’t want that, the first time we heard
Dido, it
JasonBehrLive: felt so appropriate, and so perfect to the show. I haven’t
got sick of
JasonBehrLive: it yet, and I think she is very talented, and I ma very happy
with her
JasonBehrLive: success. I think her teaming up with Eminem helped her
JasonBehrLive: She is a very talented artist to have her lead the show it
JasonBehrLive: She had come to Los Angeles during the first season and gave
a concert, a few
JasonBehrLive: of the castmemebers were able to go, but I was working and I
couldn’t be there.
JasonBehrLive: I was kind of pissed because I wanted to be there.
JasonBehrLive: Not so much advice on how to deal with fans, but how to deal
JasonBehrLive: the pressure I guess. Frakes is a great guy, and directed a
JasonBehrLive: episodes last year. He is a lot of fun to work in, he has a
JasonBehrLive: personality that is good for the cast and the crew.
JasonBehrLive: He is a lot of fun to be around.
JasonBehrLive: Sure, that’s one of the nice things about it, you can always
JasonBehrLive: give suggestions to Jason for what you believe could be
JasonBehrLive: a good character arc, or what you think your character
JasonBehrLive: should be doing at this time. It’s up to him at the time
JasonBehrLive: at what his character wants to do, but he is very polite
JasonBehrLive: Absolutely. I think from the very first show, his world was
turned upside down
JasonBehrLive: he was exposing himself to Liz and the cafe changed his life
JasonBehrLive: As the days go one, his resposinsibility of keeping this all
JasonBehrLive: a secret and not being discovere.d I think the discovery of
JasonBehrLive: the supposed king of this so-called planet is a huge
JasonBehrLive: He never asked for this repomsibnility and doesn’t know how
to feel that
JasonBehrLive: respomsinility.
JasonBehrLive: I think he has a lot of pressure on him. he is going through
a lot of
JasonBehrLive: stuff and has a lot of pressure.
JasonBehrLive: They break stories and decide which direction of the show.
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