KTLA coverage of the Crashdown Party

Thanks to Fraz for submitting this!

KTLA featured the crashdown party on Saturday night, and you can view it online as a realplayer video file.

The archive is here

The party coverage begins just after 18:27 into the news broadcast.

Here’s a transcript if you can’t get it working:

[…] and speaking of WB shows, earlier this evening, hundreds of Roswell fans from around the world participated in a fund raising event in West Hollywood. They called their gathering the Crashdown Party, and the theme was “Roswell is Hot, Hunger is Not”.

Proceeds from the party will be donated to World Vision’s Thirty Hour program on Famine.
These Roswell fans were first successful in getting their favorite WB show renewed for a second season. Now they say their campaigning power could be used be used for another worthy cause.