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TV Guide – Roswell Star’s New Love

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Roswell Star’s New Love
Friday, August 04, 2000

Katherine Heigl says she’s developed a newfound love of sci-fi TV ever since landing a starring role on the WB space-alien drama Roswell.

The actress, who plays high school student Isabel Evans on the show, confesses to the TV Guide Channel that she had never before been the type to sit around watching shows with otherworldly themes. “I always thought that The X-Files was something that if you didn’t watch from the beginning you could never watch,” she admits, “because you would never get it.”

“I never really was a big fan until I started doing Roswell and realized the fascinating mythology and the stories that they have to come up with,” she explains. “They create these other planets and lives and all this stuff that I really find fascinating.”

Heigl, 21, says that her Roswell experience has impacted her life in other ways. For instance, she’s had a tough time reminding herself that she’s not the high school student she plays on the series. “I sometimes bring home my 16-year-old side from the set — my selfish sort of irresponsible side,” she admits. “I was terribly self-absorbed when I was 16. I think everybody is when you’re that age. It’s all about what you’re gonna do for the weekend and what fun you’re gonna have and who’s gonna entertain you.”

Looking ahead to Roswell’s second season, Heigl says viewers should expect to see more love triangles, more mythology and, of course, an evil alien or two. “There’s gonna be some action, some emotional stuff,” she reveals. “We’ll run the gamut.” — Rich Brown