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Upcoming Shiri Appleby Appearances

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Upcoming programs with Shiri Appleby

a.. It has been reported that Doogie Howser MD: Love Makes the World Go
Round, or is it Money? is on TV Tuesday Aug 29th. See here. I have not been
able to confirm this information.
b.. Emergency Vets: Shiri’s Assignment will be show on Animal Planet Sept 4th
(Mon) at 2:30 PM Eastern, repeated Sept 19th (Tues) at 10 PM, Sept 20th (Wed)
at 1 AM and 5 AM, and Sept 23rd (Sat) at 3 PM
c.. ER: Pilot Episode will be show on TNT Sept 5th (Tues) at 9:00 AM Eastern
d.. The Thirteenth Floor will be show on Cinemax Sept 8th (Fri) at 10:00 PM
Eastern, repeated Sept 27th (Wed) at 8:15 PM.
e.. Beverly Hills 90210: Local Hero will be shown on FX Sept 26th (Tues) at
5:00 PM Eastern, repeated Sept 27th (Wed) at 11 AM.
f.. Perfect Family will be on WGN Sept 28th (Thu) at 8PM Eastern