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Behr Necessities – Jason Behr (And A Chat Request)

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Behr Necessities

Being a teenager isn’t always easy, but what if you’re an alien as well? Jason Behr talks to Patrick Holm in LA

Roswell High is by far the best thing I’ve been involved with. It’s been one wild ride!’ Jason Behr, 26, is a veteran of more than 75 commercials, numourous stage performances and TV guest appearances, including a major stint in teen angst drama Dawson’s Creek, and he’s clearly having a great time. He stars as Max Evans, outwardly a normal teenage boy, who hides a secret with his sister, Isabel (Katherine Heigl) and friend, Michael (Brendan Fehr), Max is a survivor of the crash of an alien spacescraft in the desert near Roswell, New Mexico, in 1947. When he saves the life of human teenager, Liz Parker, Max chooses to share his secret with her. Just as other people are starting to become suspicious, their love affair unfolds alongside the drama of the persuit of the aliens.
‘When I first read the script, I thought, ‘Here’s a great idea. There are alot of teenage shows out there right now, but this definatly separates itself from the others because of this science fiction spin to it.’ Behr explains. ‘I immediatly responded to the characters and the story. I felt I really wanted to be a part of it.’
The grind of the T.V schedule, particularly on a show as effects-heavy as Roswell High doesn’t leave Behr much time to enjoy the sports he loves.
‘The producers don’t really want you to do too much physical activity,’ he says. ‘When I get time, I do play basketball. But we’re either in the studio or on location, so the free time I do have I spend with my family and friends.’
Behr enjoys his work, despite these long hours.
‘For me it’s all about telling a good story, something that provokes thought and some type of emotion – hopefully positive. I want to work with people that I respect, that I find interesting or intriguing, because you’re going to be spending a vast amount of time with them and you want to make the most of it. It would be great if I could spendevery day in the sun sitting on a beach in Tahiti, but if it’s the middle of the night in a studio in downtown Los Angeles somewhere, it doesn’t matter to me. The most important thing is to find a really good story and tell it the best way that I can.’
Playing an alien, Behr is philosophical about the possibility of extraterrestrial life. ‘Who knows?’ He shrugs. ‘I guess the answer is that we don’t have an answer. If you look up at night, you realise how insignificant we all are in the grand scheme of things. We have to remain open-minded in our lives, or else we aren’t going to move forward.’
Behr’s own career seems set to move forward rapidly: his independant film, Rites Of Passage, won the Moxie! Award for best feature at the Santa Monica Film Festival in February, and Roswell High is doing well around the world.
‘It’s been great,’ he enthuses. ‘We’re not telling a story just about human nature. We’re not confined to those rules. We’ve got alien nature here. We can do whatever we want – pretty much!’