SciFi-TV 2000: The Stars of Roswell

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TV 2000: The Stars of Roswell

Our favorite teenage aliens dish about upcoming episodes, romance, and Krispy Kreme donuts.

September 20, 2000

Look for less star-crossed lovers and more star wars this fall on Roswell. “There will still be the relationships between the characters, but we are going a little more X-Files said creator/writer Jason Katims. “There was a poll on the Crashdown Web site asking fans what they wanted, more relationship or more of the science fiction and it was split down the middle, so the focus is going to shift from the relationships to the mythology of the aliens.”
The rather shy Jason K and his outgoing stars came to a party for TV critics this summer at Il Fornaio restaurant in Pasadena, hosted by The WB. While Jason K. stood in the same spot near the doorway all evening, his snappy looking stars mingled with critics and fellow WB actors. Most of the male critics hovered around sexy Katie Heigl, while sweet Shiri Appleby chatted easily with everyone.

Katie, who warmly talked about everything from her weight (“Yes, I’m a little heavier than many in Hollywood, but I’m comfortable with my body”) to her new on-screen boyfriend (“I don’t know much about him, but you can be sure it will be interesting”) looked like a model in the shimmery Diane von Furstenburg dress.

Shiri giggled when asked about her casual but classy dress. “Banana Republic. Bought it off the rack today,” she said, smiling at the thought. At one point, Shiri talked about how they all hung out in Jason K’s writing room during the taping of the series because, she said, “he’s so open, so easy to talk to.”

“I thought it was because they liked me, but then I realized they were just looking over my shoulder to see how many lines I was writing for them,” joked Jason K.

For those looking for a Roswell recap, when last we saw them the aliens Max (Jason Behr), Michael (Brendan Fehr), Isabel (Katherine Heigl) and newcomer Tess (Emilie De Ravin) discovered they are the reincarnation of aliens and their destiny is to repopulate the species while fighting off evil aliens and humans.

The master propagation plan has Max and Tess together and Michael and Isabel together, although all season we’ve been watching Max moon over human Liz (Shiri Appleby), Michael getting hot and heavy with Liz’s best bud Maria (Majandra Delfino) and Isabel getting chummy with Liz and Maria’s pal Alex (Colin Hanks).