Animorph Book Mentions “Roswell” (Cute)

Thanks to Jen for posting this.

I was reading Animorph book number 46, “The Deception,” by K.A. Applegate and
there is a seen where one of the characters, Marco, wast talking about an
upcoming war with their enemies, the Yeerks. And he says:

“My point is just that people are complacent. All-out, global warfare is a
thing of the past. That’s what people think, anyway. No one wants it, no
one’s ready for it. And who’s going to believe that Earth is about to be
attacked by aliens from outer space? They’d think a call to arms was just a
publicity stunt for that show Roswell.”

I don’t know if you’ve mentioned it, but I think its cute how Applegate tied
up the Skin problem in ‘Roswell’ with her own book series. :)