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SOD: Katherine Heigl

Thanks to Michelle for sending this in :)

I was reading past issues of Soap Opera Weekly and I found this great
mini-article on Katherine’s performance in the wedding episode.

Soap Opera Weekly- Dec 11, 2001

Applause, Applause
Katherine Heigl (Isabel, Roswell)

AS A YOUNG WOMAN FILLED WITH STRESS over her upcoming wedding and anguish
because her entire family was against it, Katherine Heigl made us fall in
love with Isabel on Roswell’s Nov. 13 wedding episode. Heigl portrayed a
tension-fraught woman valiantly trying to be an efficient organizer, beaming
bride and strong, independent adult when facing her brother and parents.

Switching from sweet smiles to seething grimaces throughout the episode,
Heigl’s highlight came when she took out her unbridled fury on her brother,
Max, for testing groom Jesse’s blood to see if he’s also an alien (“It is all
about trust!”). The actress was able to paint her character as in the right
without making her seem self-righteous. In Heigl’s other standout moments,
Isabel was appropriately hysterical- as in amusing- when she dropped a dozen
tasks in Maria’s hands, and hysterical- as in frantic- when she learned her
dress was a no show. Heigl consistently and beautifully made us feel each
pain and the joy when it all worked out in the end.

Isabel is the soul of the show, thanks to Heigl’s engaging performance as an
alien teen who’s becoming a human woman.
-Marc Wilkofsky