Roswell Season 2 Trading Cards Update

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I read on Non-Sport Update, a trading card magazine, that probably a new set
of Roswell trading cards will be released.
On page 20 of the February-March issue it says that in March Inkworks will
release The X-Files season 8, and that next will come Witchblade or a second
Roswell set. Then Allan Caplan, who is the president and CEO at Inkworks,
says: “I have on my computer over 400 e-mails from fans around the world
asking for a second Roswell set. We are going to do our best to give it to

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I wanted to send out an email letting you guys know that it has been over a year now since Inkworks Trading Cards released their Roswell Season 1 trading cards! Though the website has been updated, the coming soon area has Roswell Season 2’s release date as To Be Determined (TBD). I emailed my Inkworks rep and there is still no word on releasing the second season of cards they had scheduled for release in November 2001. Unless the cards from first season sell better they won’t even be created! I just wanted to let you all know that I have created a petition to let Inkworks know that we are REALLY interested in making more cards.


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Hey everyone – I was just over on Inkworks’ site checking out their “Coming Attractions” and believe it or not, they have a note in this section that says ROSWELL Season 2 – TBA. Perhaps, they received enough e-mails from loyal ROSWELL fans to encourage the production of a set of Season 2 cards:-}} Their site address is “” if you’d like to give them a little extra encouragement.

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i just wanted to let you know that i received an email response from Inkworks cards saying that they will be producing another series of Roswell trading cards. Thay had no information on a release date but info is posted at