Roswell Mentions in NY Daily News

From New York Daily News:

TV Page by David Bianculli

Roswell: The pilot of this WB series established it as a little bit “X-Files” a little bit “Dawson’s Creek” and a little bit “The Fugitive”. By the end of the season, there were also elements of “The Prisoner” ” West Side Story” and even “Casablanca”- not a bad mix of inspirations. If you’ve never watched an episode, this is the perfect time you pick up the habit.

Also in yesterdays edition: (Roswell mention only…)

Season Finales
Other excellent season finales included “Once and Again”….”NYPD Blue”……”Buffy the Vampire Slayer”…..and “Roswell” with a cliffhanger that also changed the status quo for next year. (just the Roswell excerpt)


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