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TVGLive2: Coming up in just a minute we will be chatting with Katherine Heigl
from Roswell.
TVGLive2: Keep those ?’s coming in.
TVGLive2: Welcome Katherine!
Heigl TVG: Hey and thanks for joining us.
Heigl TVG: Let me see..
Question: What was your favorite episode of Roswell & why?
Heigl TVG: My favorite is from last season, either the White Room or Toy
Heigl TVG: and the White Room cause I felt like that was the moment the shows
Heigl TVG: started to take a more mature turn and make it sci-fi and a little
Heigl TVG: than the everyday high school stuff.
Heigl TVG: Also the Toy House cause it’s real issues about identity and
Heigl TVG: parents and people and friends.
Heigl TVG: It was a really strong episode about relationships and love and
what determines
Heigl TVG: who you are and all that kind of stuff.
Question: LOADS OF LOVE,
Question: NINA
Heigl TVG: I do. I’m a big fan of tabasco sauce on scrambled eggs.
Heigl TVG: It makes every dish better.
TVGLive3: Right now, we’re LIVE with Katherine Heigl from Roswell on the WB.
Heigl TVG: To answer the first part, my favorite film I’ve ever been in
Heigl TVG: Oh boy, probably My Father The Hero, c
Heigl TVG: cause it was the first lead I had in a big feature film.
Heigl TVG: It was really exciting and funny and new.
Heigl TVG: We were filming in the Bahamas for 3 months which never hurts.
Heigl TVG: It was really exciting in a good way and not in an overwhelming
TVGLive2: We are chatting live with Katherine Heigl from Roswell…keep
sending in your questions
Heigl TVG: And the second part of the question would be..Last season was far
Heigl TVG: relationship driven.
Heigl TVG: It was about the kids figuring out who they are.
Heigl TVG: Just dealing with teachers and parents.
Heigl TVG: This year it’s far more sci-fi driven.
Heigl TVG: There is always a lot of relationships and a lot of heart, but
Heigl TVG: it’s definitely got a lot of mythology and it’s more suspensive
which I like.
Question: Katherine, how old were you when you first started acting?
Heigl TVG: I was eleven years old when I did my first film.
Question: I loved the movie Wish Upon A star…. i loved the music .. who was
Question: band in the scene at the end at the dance?
Heigl TVG: The band was called Moonpools and Caterpillers.
Heigl TVG: They are a band based out of Utah where we did the film.
Heigl TVG: I got a cd from them and I still listen to it.
Heigl TVG: I really loved them and they’re really fun.
Question: Does your character develop any new or unusual powers during
Question: this new season?
Heigl TVG: Actually she does. We just all actually find ourselves growing
more powerful
Heigl TVG: and learning about ourselves and our abilities as alien/human
Heigl TVG: Very exciting season.
Question: Do you think Micheal and Isabelle with be having a realtionship in
Question: season 2 or are you staying with Alex?–
Heigl TVG: At this point I don’t think she’s going to be with either.
Heigl TVG: I have a question for the fans…
Heigl TVG: I heard you weren’t happy with the Michael/Isabel relationship
cause it was kind of
Heigl TVG: insestuous.
Heigl TVG: I was wondering how you all felt out there about it?
Roswellgrrl19f: (39) i love mike/izzy
Question: Hi Katherine–What do you find most intriguing about your Roswell
Question: character?
Roswellgrrl19f: (39) destiny rules
TVGLive2: We are chatting LIVE with Katherine Heigl from Roswell.
Heigl TVG: I love to play Isabel as sort of, last season I played her
Heigl TVG: She started off as mean and cold.
Heigl TVG: Beneath the tough exterior she has a vulnerable side.
Heigl TVG: Now she has to be deal with situations more as an adult.
Heigl TVG: I’m going from someone who does her toenails with her powers.
Heigl TVG: Now I’m finding her perspective very unique.
TVGLive3: In 25 minutes, The Corrs will be here to talk about their new
album, “In Blue”.
TVGLive3: Send in your questions.
Question: Who are you closest to on the set?
Heigl TVG: I would probably say Jason Behr.
Question: how old were you when you did “my father the hero”?
Heigl TVG: I was 14.
Question: what was the funniest thing a fan has done to meet you?
Heigl TVG: I once got purple flowers at my high school which was a little
Question: DId you ever think Roswell would be as big as it is?
Heigl TVG: I think what we’ve seen in the past is that WB shows become
Heigl TVG: Dawson and 7th Heaven and Charmed seeked a select audience
Heigl TVG: and then became popular.
Heigl TVG: We had high hopes for the show.
Heigl TVG: We always thought it would appeal to a certain audience cause of
the sci-fi.
Heigl TVG: We were surprised when it became a show that people could enjoy
for a lot of
Heigl TVG: different reasons.
TVGLive3: The Corrs will be here in about 20 minutes to talk about their new
album, “In Blue”.
TVGLive3: Keep your questions coming in.
Heigl TVG: The best way to succeed is word of mouth.
Question: aah the Tess situation. . .. many people dislike tess. . .many
Question: people love her. . . what are your feelings?
Heigl TVG: As Isabel, I think Isabel is very drawn to Tess cause she feels
like a kindred spirit.
Heigl TVG: So she feels like Tess is a sister, but she’s fighting that cause
she’s very suspisous.
Heigl TVG: She was raised differently.
Heigl TVG: As Katherine goes; I think it’s an interesting turn of events.
Heigl TVG: And Emily Deraven is a great addition to the show.
Question: When is 100 Girls supposed to show in the states?
Heigl TVG: I don’t know if it will.
Heigl TVG: I don’t know when or if it will.
Heigl TVG: Terribly sorry.
Question: What’s your favorite tv show??
Heigl TVG: Probably Buffy the Vampire Slayer or West Wing.
Heigl TVG: I know they’re both pretty varried.
Heigl TVG: I’m also a big fan of 7th Heaven, I’ve got to admit.
Heigl TVG: I do.
TVGLive3: In 15 minutes, The Corrs will be here to talk about their new
album, “In Blue”.
Question: Hey Katherine! I’m Erin, 15, from PA. I won one of the silent
Question: auctions at the Crashdown Party. It was for a red, beaded tank top
Question: that Isabel wore on the show. I was wondering if you could tell me
Question: episode that was from?
TVGLive3: Keep your questions coming.
Heigl TVG: I wore it during the episode where I was dreamwalking and Alex
found out
Heigl TVG: I was an alien.
Heigl TVG: I think it was called Sexual Healing.
Question: Are there any current characters that may turn out to also be
Question: alien/human hybrids?
Heigl TVG: Not that I know of.
Question: Do more people notice you now more on the street since Roswell has
Question: become a big success?
Heigl TVG: It depends where you are. In LA not so much.
Heigl TVG: People are low key.
Heigl TVG: When I’m out of town or go home to CT, or maybe NY a little bit
Heigl TVG: But we’re not Elvis yet.
Question: Were you relieved to find out that Roswell got renewed for a second
Question: season, or did you believe in it all the way?
Heigl TVG: It was pretty shaky there. I was pretty relieved.
Heigl TVG: I didn’t know it was a sure thing until 2 weeks before they picked
Heigl TVG: I was pretty relieved.
Question: What has been the funniest thing to happen on set?
Heigl TVG: There’s a lot.
Heigl TVG: We’re laughing all the time.
Heigl TVG: If I go to work and have a really hearty laugh at least once a
Heigl TVG: Brendon is funny in a gross way.
Heigl TVG: Jason does a lot of funny imitations of people.
Heigl TVG: When people fall of the golf carts on the way to sets, I get a
good laugh out of that.
Heigl TVG: We really crack each other up though.
Heigl TVG: Nobody else finds us funny.
Heigl TVG: We crack each other up.
Question: hello ask her if she liked the quilt that we all made for
Question: !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Heigl TVG: Yes I do. I love the quilt and have it on display in my bedroom.
Question: Did you work on any features over the summer?
Heigl TVG: I didn’t over the summer, but about a month ago, I went
Heigl TVG: up to Vancouver for 5 days and did Valentine.
Heigl TVG: That’s with David Boreanz and Denise Richards.
Question: Katherine~ What do u like to do in your spare time?
Heigl TVG: I read a lot. I like to write.
Heigl TVG: When I’m really feeling inspired I’ll draw.
Heigl TVG: I like to see good movies or rent movies and hang out with
TVGLive3: In about 10 minutes, The Corrs will be here to talk about their new
album, “In Blue”.
TVGLive3: Keep your questions coming in.
Question: Do you sing any? Could there be a singing future in store for you?
Heigl TVG: No. You don’t want me to sing.
Heigl TVG: That’s never been one of my true talents.
Heigl TVG: I love to sing, but I’m not a singer.
Heigl TVG: No Britteny Spears here.
Heigl TVG: I went and saw Duets and Gwenyth Paltrow had a beautiful voice.
Heigl TVG: I was singing all weekend and a friends said, “Fancining yourself
as Gwenyth now?”
Heigl TVG: There are a few. I think Tess is a really interesting character.
Heigl TVG: A lot of complexity there.
Heigl TVG: I think Maria is a lot of fun.
Heigl TVG: I can always dream.
Heigl TVG: I guess that’s it.
Question: How long do you think Roswell will air?
Heigl TVG: I don’t know.
Heigl TVG: We hope it gets picked up for the back nine, but we don’t know.
TVGLive3: The Corrs will be here ina bout 5 minutes to talk about their new
album, “In Blue”.
Question: Ever been to Roswell?
TVGLive3: Send in your qeustions.
Heigl TVG: No I haven’t. We haven’t taken that trip yet.
Heigl TVG: We’re planning one day.
Heigl TVG: It’s one of those, you know, we’ll get to it.
Question: Whats it like working with everyone on the show?Do you know
Question: that’s going to happin at all on the show tonight
Heigl TVG: Okay.
Heigl TVG: Most of our cast is really a fun supportive group of people.
Heigl TVG: We’re very passionate about the show.
Heigl TVG: Like I said before we laugh a lot.
Heigl TVG: It keeps us alive 16 hours a day there.
Heigl TVG: So I really have a great time working with most everybody on the
Heigl TVG: As far as tonight goes, you get a basic recap for those
Heigl TVG: who haven’t seen it before or in order, of everything crutial.
Heigl TVG: Somebody dies.
Heigl TVG: And we’re introducing new charcters and new plotslines.
Heigl TVG: That’s about it.
Heigl TVG: Yep.
TVGLive2: Thank you SO much for talking with us tonight Katherine! Good Luck
and we’re looking
Heigl TVG: Thank you guys for coming out to chat.
TVGLive2: forward the season premiere and the rest of the season!
Heigl TVG: And keep watching cause the show is going to get more and more
interesting as
Heigl TVG: the show goes along.
Heigl TVG: Keep letting us know what you think cause we’re always interested
in how the show is
Heigl TVG: going over in the public.
Heigl TVG: And thanks for all your support.