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Macleans: My Fehr Alien

Thanks to Kat for this:

I just received my issue of Maclean’s Magazine (Cdn news weekly) today and there was a little blurb on Brendan in the people section – pg. 43. It’s the Oct 16 issue with Justin Trudeau on the cover.

My Fehr Alien

Brendan Fehr may be trying to shake off the good Mennonite boy image he
procured earlier this year after revealing he has never done drugs and is
still a virgin. Now, the 22-year-old actor throws around a couple of curse
words and admits to having a couple of drinks once in a while. But don’t
worry Mom: “I have never nursed a hangover,” says Fehr, “and I am not the
party guy.”

Last year, the former Winnipegger got a role on the sci-fi teen drama
Roswell, and moved to Los Angeles. On the show, Fehr plays a troubled alien
teenager in New Mexico. He spent the past summer playing a vampire in the
forthcoming horror flick Forsaken. And he auditioned for the coveted
Spiderman role. Unfortunately he lost the part to American actor Tobey
Maguire. Certainly, Fehr, who has the strength to resist Hollywood’s
excesses, would have made a great superhero.