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TV & Satellite Week-Crashdown Mentioned

Thanks to Lisa for this:

This was in a TV magazine in the UK called TV & Satellite Week and
thought you might be interested:

The second series begins on Sky One this week. While the angst-ridden
extra-terrestrials try to extreact themselves from their latest dilemma
on earth, take your own journey into the unknown at Roswell’s fan-run

Site Specifics: (Gives a bit of info about crashdown)

“Click onto the Roswell Timeline for a guide to what happened in the
town, including the opening of the Crashdown cafe and Sheriff Valenti’s
date of birth”

“Go behind the scenes with live webcam footage of the set, or view the
gallery of episode stills, cast photos and fan art”

“Fan power may have secured a second series, but will there be a third?
Have your say by joining the Save Roswell online community.”

They then go on to give ratings out of 5:

Ease of use: 3
Content: 3
Look: 3
Overall rating: 3

Thanks to Kaz for this:

Just wanted to let you know that your site got a mention as the site of the week in “TV & Satelite Week” in England.

The article has some facts on the cast, and things that you have on your website, like the Roswell Timeline.

They rate you 3 stars out of 5 for Ease of Use, Content and Look.

Plus there’s a cast picture.