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Thanks to Craig for this:

For all the long suffering Australian fans of the show (the last episode of
season 1 was shown by Nine at midnight Saturday morning with most of the
previous episodes being shown at 11 pm Friday nights), I rang up The Nine
Network last week and their programming department told me that they will be
screening the second series but they couldn’t tell me when! Just like with
the three Star Trek shows, which are also on The Nine Network, we may have
to wait for the videos to come out to keep up to date with the series or
hope that Foxtel, our major cable provider, adds the series to it’s schedule
sooner rather than later.

There is hope with Foxtel because they are just about to show Dawsons Creek,
which didn’t start that long ago on ‘free to air television.’ In addition I
have checked with The Fox Shop at Fox Studios here in Sydney about whether
videos have been released or are planned to be released and they are yet to
get back to me.

O well at least we may not have it as bad as viewers of the BBC in England!

Thanks to Germán for these :)

This is Germán from Buenos Aires, Argentina. As you may know Roswell airs here every saturday 7p.m. on FOX. On saturday 3rd the last episode aired was the re-run of Heat wave. But yesterday (saturday 10th) they jumped to “Four square”. This is because March is approaching and so is season 2. So the schedule for next weekends is.
February 17th “Max to the Max”
February 24th “White room”
March 3 “Destiny”
And then season 2 will start. Up to the moment it is unknown if they will remain on the saturday prime-time or if they will move back to wednesdays 7:30p.m. But once we have any news, we’ll quickly make you know :)
It is confirmed now, Season 2 premiere date in Argentina is confirmed now: it’s gonna be on Saturday March 10th.
So the schedule would be:

March 10th- Skin and bones
March 17th- Ask not
March 24th- Surprise
March 31th- Summer of ’47
this is saturdays 7p.m. on FOX.

Thanks to Essi for this:

In Finnish magazine Demi, there was a poll for The highlights of year 2000 (that is a free translations). There were many gategories but just to mention a few…
Roswell was the best TV-serie!
Brendan Fehr was the cutest guy on TV and Jason Behr was the second cutest!
Max & Liz were the best couple on TV! A pretty good year for Roswell!

Thanks to Rods for this:

I’m a dedicated Roswell fan in Brazil…you’ll never guess what Roswell fans have to put up with here. Roswell is shown by Fox over here…but it seems they don’t care about the fans. Shows like Buffy, Angel and the X-Files are shown every day at various times….even the old Millennium show is shown everyday….BUT ROSWELL is only shown once a week!!!!! and at the worst time possible…not only do they do this to us but the second season hasn’t even started. this is, needless to say, ridiculous! obviously we have to wait a bit before we get new stuff….but its been months!!!!!!!! The other channel that shows american shows is called the Sony Channel….that shows Dawsons Creek, Charmed etc…all of their shows have been in the new season since november…i just thought i’d report this to the other Roswell fans in world adfter i saw what’s going on with the BBC….maybe you could help us!! i can’t live with out Roswell =(