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Here’s the transcript from the Feb 8 chat with Nick. We need to get this guy a login on the board ASAP!

In February, we talked to Nick Wechsler, Kyle from the WB show Roswell. He was just a little sarcastic–but we’re pretty sure he was kidding about being kicked off the show. He told us a few funny stories about the set and a weird letter a fan sent him. Happy reading. And yes, he was joking about Brendan Fehr!

react_nick: Hello everybody, good to see ya again!

beastie_girl_01 asks: When and how were you discovered?
react_nick: I guess I came out here (LA) and was auditioning for a lot of stuff. And I finally landed a role on something else, and it helped, with credibility or whatever, to have something on the resume. I wasn’t found in a supermarket or anything, I just sort of went out and worked for it.

groovygirl858 asks: What do you like most about Kyle?
react_nick: He’s so damn handsome, it drives me crazy! No, I guess I like that, contrary to what some people believe, he has a sense of humor, it just happens to be dry or dark, I guess. It can be goofy, too. People don’t seem to think he has a sense of humor, but I can tell you he does.

CoolDan989 asks: What’s the best part about working on “Roswell”
react_nick: Let’s see. I’m doing whatever I’ve wanted to do since I moved out here. I’ve been lucky enough to make somewhat of a living doing what I came out here to do. That I have a job and it’s paying me!

fehrwell asks: What’s your favorite cereal?
react_nick: Fruity Pebbles.

country_gal_from_kentucky asks: what is your middle name?
react_nick: It’s actually Nick. My first name is something else.

dawnievon36 asks: Do you ever go online to the different Roswell fan sites?
react_nick: Nope! No offense, I just don’t have a computer.

jythu asks: Do you believe in aliens?
react_nick: I do actually. Not necessarily in the form that everybody seems to think they take, but they’re out there. I don’t believe they’re going to high school, but I think there is something up in the sky on some far distant planet or something. But I’m a crackpot anyway, so…

RikiOops asks: What sort of music, exactly, do you listen to?
react_nick: I like anything by Mike Patton. Jude is like my favorite. Ani DiFranco, Dave Matthews. Stuff like that, I think.

jythu asks: Do you have one of those movies that you could just watch over and over? Mine is Monty Python’s Quest for the Holy Grail.
react_nick: Mine is The Princess Bride.

groovygirl858 asks: Is it true you are the prankster of the cast?
react_nick: I guess so, I’m not really a prankster, I don’t put whoopie cushions down or anything, I just joke around, try to make people laugh on set, and it usually doesn’t work. That’s why it’s funny you say that, it usually doesn’t work, they laugh at me, not with me. So I just sit in my trailer…

fionafish_2000 asks: Wow,8 brothers? Did you ever get new clothes? Or were they all just handme downs.
react_nick: LOL! I got plenty of new clothes. Now, I actually like the stuff my brothers wore. I don’t mind the sort of outfit they wore, like bell bottoms and corduroys, now I like it.

fehrwell asks: Are you currently single?
react_nick: No.

inlove_roswell asks: What is William Sadler like?
react_nick: Oh, he’s awesome, he is really sweet and is quite the hilarious bastard, nobody knows because nobody gets to talk to him. And of course he’s very talented, the best actor of the bunch, and that’s an understatement.

Love17998 asks: Do you sing in the shower?
react_nick: Yeah, I do. How do you know that? Who’s watching? I sing, whatever is in my head, sometimes it’s songs I hate, sometimes I catch myself singing Britany Spears or something. My favorite stuff to sing is Mike Patton.

itcouldbewirfs asks: What was highschool like for you? Is the ‘jock’ role a familiar one?
react_nick: No. Not at all. I still don’t like sports much at all, on Super Bowl Sunday I just watch the commercials. The only thing I liked was wrestling and volleyball. I don’t think I was a dork, I was all right in high school. In middle school, I was really shy, nobody ever wanted to talk to me. High school was where I became the greatest guy in the world so a lot of people wanted to talk to me.

groovygirl858 asks: Will there be another love interest in store for Kyle? Will have more screen time in future episodes.
react_nick: I’m not a writer so I don’t know. I mean I can beg a writer, but I don’t know. I don’t think so. I think it would be more realistic if he kind of moved on a little bit from what happened.

groovygirl858 asks: What is your favorite “Kyle” moment?
react_nick: There is an episode that is going to air tomorrow night that just has some of. . . I haven’t seen it so I don’t know how it turned out, but from what I remember, I think it’s going to be one of my favorite ones for Kyle. He’s drunk, it’s kind of fun to fool around with that.

fehrwell asks: Do you watch yourself on television?
react_nick: They give us copies of every episode, so I watch it. I watch it with my roommate, and I just make fun of it, not in a bad way, I just do voices, lip sync, make fun of myself, too. I just think it’s funny.

lillia3c asks: Have you read the Melinda Metz book series on which the show is based? If so, what did you think?
react_nick: I didn’t read it, and I didn’t think that much of it. But Kyle is really handsome in the book, and you know that’s true!

groovygirl858 asks: What do you have on the walls of your trailer?
react_nick: Personally, I have wallpaper. Whatever it came with, I don’t put anything on my walls. So, really nothing.

eganirish asks: what do you plan on doing during the show’s hiatus?
react_nick: I’d like to go visit my family for some time. It’s not like I’m a big anything, it’s not like anybody is dying to cast me in anything, it’s not like I have any prospects. So I guess I’m just going to have to try and sleep my way to the top again.

dayzeeeeej asks: who is your favorite actor?
react_nick: I’m currently mad about Ewan McGregor, Johnny Depp–people like that.

moonfiregirl asks: Are you surprised at the success of the show
react_nick: Yes, I don’t even know how well it’s doing, I haven’t paid attention to the ratings, people have tried to tell me, but I guess, if people think it’s doing well, that kind of surprises me, not that I don’t think the show is good, it’s just that I didn’t expect anything I was in to do that well.

AngelGraceBand asks: HAY! whats up? i was just wondering do u have any tatoos and if so where? :)
react_nick: Uh, I don’t have any tattoos.

lillia3c asks: What would your dream vacation spot be and have you made it there yet? :)
react_nick: I don’t have an answer to that yet. I haven’t been around enough, and I haven’t given it enough thought. But I’ve been to Germany and I liked that.

CoolDan989 asks: What’s the hardest thing you’ve had to do on “Roswell”
react_nick: Pretending I like Brendan.

beastie_girl_01 asks: Do you and the cast hang out on down time? -San Diego,CA
react_nick: I’ve hung out with Bill Sadler a few times. And really enjoyed that. I want to say specifically, I do NOT hang out with Brendan, because apparently, I don’t like him.

_xXSnow_AngelXx_ asks: Why are you so harsh and down on yourself? Keep a positive attitude.
react_nick: I appreciate it but I really, really suck.

redrose483 asks: What kind of toppings do you like on your pizza?
react_nick: I like some cheese and some. . . anything. I haven’t had anchovies, and I’m not looking forward to it. Human fingers, that’s the sweet stuff!

ellzerbell asks: Do fans send you weird things in the mail? If so, what is the strangest thing you have received?
react_nick: I’d have to say one of my favorites, it wasn’t that weird, but a person sent me something, it was like a letter that had been handwritten, but it was a copy, and it was blank where my name would be, and it was blank where the name of the show would be. It was like, (blank), you are my favorite actor on (blank). You could see my name was written in blue pen, and the name of the show, I thought it was hilarious, that person deserves a dollar or something.

utopiapkwy14 asks: Monica, Rachel or Phoebe?
react_nick: Brad Pitt’s lady, Rachel, she doesn’t go by Rachel in life, but you know.

hardbod16 asks: Can you give any plot hints? Will you ever find out about the aliens?
react_nick: Actually, it’s funny, I don’t know anything that’s going to happen, and I’m not making that up, they don’t tell me. I think it’s because they don’t like me and are kicking me off the show.

divaodrama asks: what is your favorite time of day, and why???
react_nick: 8:49. Cause I don’t like 8:48.

itcouldbewirfs asks: What do your family and friends think of your success?
react_nick: They are all supportive. I generally don’t have the kind of friends…well, I haven’t experienced any of my friends leaving me at this time. And I think this is the sort of thing that will show you who your friends are.

lillia3c asks: One of my favorite Roswell scenes was when Kyle confronted Max and Liz outside Michael’s trailer. That entire scene was hilarious! :) Was it a hard scene to shoot without cracking up?
react_nick: We did a few takes where we laughed a few times, but. . .in a related story. . .There was one time when we did a scene where I was playing basketball and Liz confronts Kyle about something, and we walked to the edge of the court and the fence is no longer between us and we’re standing face to face. And they are shooting over her shoulder, and they can’t see what I’m seeing. And a fly flew around and landed right between her eyes, and it was a scene where we’re supposed to be intense and all serious. And the funniest thing about it was that neither of us addressed it. It landed and I saw it, and I was trying so hard not to laugh, and I blew it and the director yelled at me.

jythu asks: Would that be 8:48 AM or PM?
react_nick: Either.

utopiapkwy14 asks: Has anyone ever told you that you sound like Christian Slater?
react_nick: Yes, I hear it a zillion times a day.

react_nick: Goodbye to everybody and thanks for acting like you give a crap about me! And I want to say to Riki, without you I’d have no fans!


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