Crashdown and Roswell from West Australian

Thanks to Natalie for sending this in!

From The West Australian:

April 20th 2000

Teen Fun, Pity about the plot
Right song, right person, perfect moment. But it never lasts long, as Max and Liz soon discover on Roswell (Nine, 11:10pm) when a horse jumps in front of their car. Max swerves to avoid it and is knocked unconscious. When he is rushed to hospital his siblings and his friends fear his identity will be uncovered. Miss Topolsky, guidance councellor and FBI Agent is soon on the case. A blood sample is taken in the emergency room must be retrived or Max, Michael and Isabelle are doomed. Liz trys to convince Alex to give blood but refuses to explain why. He thinks both Liz and Michael are on drugs and ultimately she will be forced to choose between his friendship or keeping Michaels secret. Its all harmless teen fun but theres a plot whole which niggles: why would the FBI tiptoe around a high school and hospital gathering physical evidence on suspected aliens when, in these days of DNA analysis, they could quite easily take a sample off a door handle? Regular viewers might like to visit a Roswell fan site (named after the shows cafe) which contains episode reviews, chatroon and spoilers

– Derek Pedley