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Interview with Mandy

Thanks to Sheila for sharing this with us!

News that Knows: Mandy
by: Sheila Limontas
Freelance Journalist

Q1: Who is Mandy?

Mandy is a 23-year old female journalist who works for Tribune Media Services in Santa Monica, Ca as part of, a division of TMS.

Q2. What is the Crashdown website?

Crashdown is the top-rated Roswell website right now on the net. The site offers daily news updates, polls, spoilers, episodic descriptions of previous shows, image galleries of the cast of the show, fan fiction, and much more plus two message boards and a chat room for fans to discuss and talk about their favorite program.

Q3: Who Is Mandy to the Crashdown website?

I can’t really define what I am to Crashdown. I originally was asked by Squanto to provide spoiler information and to assist with posting news items on the main news area but over the past several months, I’ve also provided exclusive material and interviews for the site as well as provided media attention to the site by writing articles and news bytes for Zap2it as well as for Tribune.

Q4: How has working for/at the “Crashdown” changed or enriched your life?

I’m not sure how it has changed or enriched my life. I don’t consider myself working for or at Crashdown. To me, the site is much more than just a job or a hobby. I’ve been around since the beginning when the site was first being developed by Squanto and another person who is not with the site anymore and was called “Area 51.” This summer has made me appreciate being on the site more-not because of the increased media focus but because I’m seeing what exactly goes into the site and what kind of mail the webmasters get on a regular basis concerning the site. That and just maintaining the site so that there is fresh material on the site on a daily basis and not just the same stuff from the day before.

Q5: Why should people visit Crashdown?

I don’t really want to influence anyone’s decision on whether or not they really want to visit the site because it should be based on free-will and not because someone attached to the site wants a “newbie” to visit Crashdown. But I will say that Crashdown will keep even the most naive viewer up-to-date on the latest news information, television appearances of the cast and crew, magazine interviews and articles and the best photographs that are out there.With the numerous “inside” sources (I being one of them) working with the site, you can count on the best and most truthful information only being released on the site.

Q6: What is “Roswell is Hot Hunger Is Not” campaign and whose idea was it?

The campaign is the brainchild of Michelle (Lilybunny) which developed after the Tabasco campaign targeting The WB and other media outlets were launched. Her original idea was to sell the bottles of sent in tabasco at the LA Party held on August 5 but soon expanded her vision to include a raffle, donated items concerning the show and cast and canned food items that would be donated to a local agency.

Q7: How much was raised for “RIHHIN” at the LA benefit on its behalf?

A total of $25,349 dollars and 50 cents was raised on benefit of the 30 Hour Famine and RIHHIN.

Q8: The entire cast of The WB’s “Roswell” were in attendance at the LA affair. How was that achieved?

The cast was there as a surprise arrangement that worked out in the production office of the show.

Q9: What was it like to have the “Roswell” cast there?

For me personally, loud. I’ve met them on several other occasions so for me-having the cast at the party was no big deal but I know for some of the other fans that traveled half-way across the country to meet the cast, it was a dream come true. The only thing I would have changed about their attendance was that they weren’t kept in the VIP room as much as they were at the party.

Q10: What are your hopes and goals for Crashdown?

This is an eternal never-ending question for me. I have hopes and goals concerning Crashdown but for me, they will hardly get recognized or even valued due to “too many hands in the cookie jar” on the site. I do hope that it does keep providing viewers with the best and most informative information on Roswell for as long as the site is needed.

Q11: Where do I see myself in the next year?

I see myself continuing to work for TMS and just building up my career as a journalist and improving on my skills as a writer. I may also re-enroll in a nearby university and finish up my degree in Journalism or just wait and see how I feel when the time comes. I also hope to continue providing information for Crashdown as well as being a part of the site.

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