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Crashdown’s Exclusive Sneak Preview of “Roswell” Ad

My source at The WB just sent over the new poster and can I just say “OH MY GAWD!!!!” It is really a must-see poster!! It’s got Jason, Katherine and Brendan in it!

In a SPECIAL agreement between Crashdown and The WB, the poster will be exclusive only to Crashdown visitors for the NEXT TWO DAYS!!

Andrew sent over this note:

“You can tell them it’s a first look at the outdoor campaign for
Crashdown members. It’s exclusive to Crashdown for the next 2 days.”

There’s even a special thank you to Crashdown from the network. Please do not download or post the poster anywhere else. This is a special event and I would hate to have future sneak peeks be jeoparodized because someone took the poster from The WB.

To see the poster, go to this link and please do not post this link on any other website-this link is only for the Crashdown website and is being used to see how many Crashdown fans there are that support The WB Network.

Crashdown’s Sneak Peek of “Roswell”

If you want to thank the WB for allowing Crashdown to have this special preview, you can email me at either or and I will pass along your comments to Andrew.