Jason BehrLeading

Jason Behr in Movieline doing a Travolta!

Thanks to Bridget for this:

Roswell’s Jason Behr and actress Elizabeth Moss (“west Wing”) have been
picked by Movieline to model the latest fashions for a six-page spread.

Jason, of course, fulfills one of my fantasies – he’s wearing a John
Travolta lookalike white suit from “Saturday Night Fever” Sing it with me
“ahh, ahh, ahh, staying alive, stayin’ alive” *grin* Now if only we could
see Jason “strut.”

The six-page spread appears in the March 2001 issue of Movieline

Thanks to Cindy for this :

Just got my March 2001, issue of Movieline magazine, and there’s a photo
spread of Jason Behr and Elisabeth Moss of The West Wing. It’s a
fashion spread of them in outfits for the Oscars, they talk about them
being future Oscar hopefuls someday.