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Thanks to Samantha for this.

Earlier this week we sent in a message about the scheduled time for the WB shows. Now it is time gather our ammunition and to rally together. I have posted a complaint on the WB website. I would appreciate any help i can get from all of you fellow Roswell/Crashdown fans. This affects many people here in Memphis, Tennessee and possibly the entire state as well. The question is, how will this affect our favorite shows? I can answer that with one word, ratings. Roswell is scheduled for 1:06 a.m. and that is only if NFL football ends on time( which we all know it never does.) This brings the estimated time to usually 1:45 or later. We need desperate help to persuade the WB to take a serious look at why ratings may not be as healthy as they wish them to be. Please take a moment out and post a thought.

Thanks to Tiza for this:

I read on the WB website about what’s going on in Memphis and how late
the shows come on. Here I am reading the new Roswell show postings while
sitting here waiting for the show to come on. It really irritates me
that I have to wait until about 1.50am to watch Roswell every Monday
night. Just last week I missed the rerun on “Destiny” which I missed the
first time it aired for the same reason, it came on too late. If we can
get help and make it known that this is a big problem, then maybe we can
get something done. Here is the url where people can support us on the

Thanks to Malka for sending this in :)

Shriek If You Know What I Did Last Friday the 13th
120 minutes- USA, 2000, In Stereo

Directed by John Blanchard and starring
Tiffani-Amber Thiessen, Tom Arnold, Julie Benz
Majandra Delfino, Jimmie Walker, Coolio

More mayhem is the result as a reporter attempts to
get the scoop on a series of murders.

Tue Oct 17 09:00P USAE- USA Network
Sun Oct 22 07:00P USAE- USA Network

Thanks to jodavis for sending this in to me:

Hi, just wanted everyone to know that have set up a section of
their web site todo Roswell things!! Isn’t that great!

The exact address is:
Roswell Site On Teen Mag =