The Pierces – Music From “EOTW”

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In the Roswell episode “The End of the World”, Maria, Alex and Liz listen to The Pierces on the way to visit the psychic. This stunning duo’s debut album is comprised of 13 original songs, each one punctuated by their gorgeous harmonies. Their voices blend so perfectly they almost sound as though they come from one person. The Pierces have taken the best aspects of classic folk music and blended them effortlessly with more current styles. Songs like The Way and I Feel Nothing are so hauntingly beautiful they beg to be played over and over.

Allison and Catherine Pierce have been performing for most of their lives. After years in ballet, the sisters gave up their grueling training to focus more on their music. They began playing in coffee houses and eventually began playing larger venues, ultimately opening for people like David Wilcox and Sister Hazel. The entire process fell together naturally, and getting a record deal happened with the same ease. They tend to write their songs separately, but collaborated on two songs for the album.


Heard on Roswell
“The End of the World”
Save Me by The Pierces