Behind The Scenes Of “Roswell”

Thanks to Fraz for this:

On the homepage a link to behind the scenes of summer of ’47 Roswell eppy. 3 quicktime videos. Plus bill acting silly, Nick being nick, and Jason with his puppy.

Thanks to Sheila for this:

Ever wanted to know what it’s like to be on the Roswell set, or better yet, on location? presents exclusive behind the scenes footage from “Summer of 47” where all your favorite Roswell characters played out what happened fifty years ago.

While on location, we caught up with Bill Sadler who shared his insight into the truth of Roswell. Bill then explained the background of his character, Colonel James Cassidy, in last week’s episode “Summer of 47”. (Quicktime 2.3MB)

We also caught up with the director of “Summer of 47”, Patrick Norris, to get a brief glimpse into his world behind the camera. Watch as Patrick directs the rehearsal of a scene which stars Majandra Delfino as Betty Osorio, Nick Weschler as a young Deputy Valenti and Bill Sadler as Colonel James Cassidy. Then watch closely as the rehearsal scene fades to the actual scene as it appeared on the air, and back. (Quicktime 3.1MB)

Go behind the scenes with the cast and crew of Roswell while on location in Agua Dulce, CA, during filming on this long hot day. You will see that both hard work, and play, goes into creating just a few scenes. And the identity of the big guy behind the kiss? That’s Roswell’s talented Camera Operator, Jamie Barber. (Quicktime 4.2MB)