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Transcript of Colin Hanks Video – Behind The Scenes

Thanks to Girl Interrupted for this:

Cut to Alex in the Crashdown, I cant remember what episode its from:

Alex: Do you find that all men are obsessive?

Cut to Colin in the make-up/hair room:

Colin: I swear, normally I dont care about my hair that much.

Cut to Colin and a woman, both looking in the mirror:

Colin (to the woman): Hey! Shes video taping me getting my make-up done.

Cut to Colin with his hair spiked, it looks like Brendans from the beginning
of the first season:

Colin: This is the…the switch episode where I play Brendans character and
Brendan plays my character. But I play last seasons Brendan.

Cut to Colin with his hair still spiked:

Colin: Well, like when I come out of the shower in the morning and I see my
hair like this, I think of Brendan.

Cut to Colin standing extremely close to the camera lens:

Colin: The best is when the camera isnt shooting and Brendan is just sitting
there going…(checks out his hair in the camera lens) Looking for his
reflection and…

Colin: (he turns his head side-to-side, then tilts his head upward looking at
the inside of his nose, then sniffs loudly) Yeah.


Cut to Colin looking in the mirror:

Woman #1: Hes the buckaroo.

Colin: Thats me. You keep trying to get that buckaroo in there somewhere.


Colin: Just show them the photo.

Cut to Colin holding up a photo of himself from Summer of 47, with his
flannel shirt and cowboy hat:

Colin: Thats why she keeps saying our little buckaroo.

Woman #2: Wheres that from?

Woman #1: I dont know.

*Side Note: On the bottom of the photo it even says: Our Little Buckaroo

Cut to Colin sitting in a chair, getting his hair done:

(Its hard to understand what he says here, so bear with me)

Colin: I was thinking about coming back with a shaved head.

(Colin gasps, then Woman #1 gasps)

Woman #1: Thats a secret.

Colin (acting like someone else): He didnt mean that did he? He didnt mean
that did he?

Woman #2: Thats not on camera is it?

Colin: (Jason) Katims is gonna say: Wait, hes kidding right? Hes not
really gonna come back with a shaved head.

Cut to Colin sitting in the chair:

Colin: And Im serious, at home….at home I hate doing my hair. I hate…I
hate going…I dont go out because I dont wanna do my hair. I…I do it
enough here (referring to the set)

Colin: Wheres that afro pick?

*Side Note: An afro pick is like a comb you use to tease your hair, for
those who didnt know.

Cut to Colin shaving his face:

Colin (saying this to the camera person): See get this, zoom in here (point
to his face). Zoom in on all my imperfections. See that? Right there? There.
A lot up here (pointing to his forehead). My nose is always dry right there
(pointing to the side of his nose).

Cut to Alex in Into The Woods

Alex: Right. I’m gonna go to the bathroom and go have a little talk with

The End.