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Exclusive Behind The Scenes Footage For Crashdown

Andrew over at The WB has given Crashdown another sneak preview.

This is not on their site yet but he thought everyone at Crashdown would like something extra before new episodes arrive on January 22.

Here’s the link and description from him.

See Bill In Action On The Set

“it’s a fun Quicktime movie with William Sadler singing, joking around with
Nick, and playing the piano with Jason and Katherine. It’s about 9mb but
well worth the download.”

Mandy Note: I just watched it and it’s great! I’ll do a brief summary for those who can’t see it. It begins with Bill and Nick goofing around and Nick trying to sing some song. Bill makes some funny faces at the camera in regards to Nick’s singing then starts singing “You Can’t Hurry Love” himself and then says something like ‘Boy, we have a lot of time on our hands. When’s lunch?”

Bill is then asked to tell on camera something Nick wouldn’t want anyone to find out. There’s some banter between Nick and Bill and Bill then says that Nick has 6 toes. Nick leans over and whispers to Bill that he should tell them that Nick is the greatest guy in the world and Bill just looks over at him and asks if he doesn’t have to share that secret.

Bill is then playing the piano (or hitting the keys) while Katherine is sitting nearby and Jason is standing next to Bill leaning over and looking at the piano keys. Bill starts singing and Katherine moves away from Bill and Jason stretches his arms exposing a little of his tummy when his shirt rises.

Bill is then told to say good-bye on the camera and he mentions that he has to go home and pray for the Democrats.