EW’s Ken Tucker’s Opinion On “Roswell”

Thanks to vanewbie and anyone else who may have sent this in for this:

Ken Tucker’s Opinion On Roswell

”Roswell” I was willing to give this teens from
outer space show the benefit of a first season
doubt; the acting was good, the concept
intriguing. But after being inundated with ”save
‘Roswell”’ mail this summer even though the
damn thing had been renewed, I’ve watched
the new season closely, and have come up
unimpressed. In their zeal to bolster the sci fi
elements of the show (hey, the ”X-Files”
crowd is too old and too smart for ”Roswell”),
they’ve sacrificed the one thing that made
”Roswell” compelling — the interaction
between the aliens and human teens, as
friends, lovers, and enemies.