Hollywood Decor visits “Roswell” (Article)

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Hollywood Decor visits “Roswell”
Nothing alien about a high-tech, portable office

By Veronique de Turenne
Photographs by Sarah Wauters.

Who knew alien-hunters had such good taste?

They do in “Roswell,” the WB’s one-hour sci-fi drama about a quartet of gorgeous teenage E.T.s struggling to phone home. Set decorator Susan Benjamin has created a high-tech office incongruously set amid the kitsch and clutter of the town’s musty Alien Museum, where a scene of an alien autopsy features an electric carving knife and an X-ray of a dog’s torso.

The set for the museum’s office owned by Brody , a mysterious millionaire with a passion for everything alien had to reflect his wealth and his computer expertise.

“I wanted it to look really high-end, to show that this guy is extremely wealthy and serious about his alien-hunting,” said Benjamin, whose job of chauffeuring a production designer in New York eventually led to her career in set decorating.