Hollywood Dream Jobs

Thanks to Dawnee for this reminder!

Hollywood Dream Jobs
Premiere: July 16, 2000
Airs: July 30: 3 p.m.

A new show primiered on “E” this weekend. It was called “Hollywood Dream jobs” there was a great segment with the director of set and props from “ROSWELL” It went into her personal world of picking out all the set decoration for the show.. very cool!!! you venture in the back lots and go into the crashdown aswell as the UFO Convention Center…

Here’s the description from E’s website.

Meet some of the happiest people in Hollywood. From Drew Barrymore’s personal assistant to the head of casting at NBC, these are people who love their jobs. Get a rare glimpse into the lives of people who make Los Angeles tick, and step inside some of the trendiest, star-studded parties and clubs in town, including the Mondrian Hotel’s Skybar.


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