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Roswell stuff in J14

Thanks to Sprinkl for this recap of Roswell stuff in the August 2000 issue of J-14 Magazine!

Page 8. Hot Stuff! Roswell star Brendan Fehr gets ready to spice things up
at a recent autograph-signing in New York. This busy guy has appeared in
Levi’s “Lot 53” ads and is currently shooting the vampire thriller The
Foresaken opposite Dawson’s Creek star Kerr Smith.

Page 33. A picture of Shiri Appleby representing Sagittarius for horoscopes.

Page 35. A picture of Jason Behr representing Capricorn for horoscopes.

Page 83. Jason Behr question on a game

Page 90. Fashion Ideas! Roswell’s Katherine Heigl steps out in a trendy
jean jacket and classic long skirt. Denim is the hot fabric this yeatr.
They explain where you can get the outfit she is wearing.

Page 92. There is a picture of Majandra Delfino.

Page 93. Another picture of Brendan Fehr

Page 101. Hottest TV Stars! Jason Behr came in at number 7, last month he
was number 5
(Same Page) Best TV Shows! Roswell came in at number 4, last month it came
in at number 7.

Page 108. Brendan’s Outlandish Theories
Every week, Roswell’s Brendan Fehr does a convincing job of portraying a
brooding teen alien, but does he actually believe extraterrestrials landed in
Roswell, NM. “I’m always wary about making decisions on things when I wasn’t
born yet. I don;t like to be wrong!” says the actor. But Brendan does admit
to having a coiple conspiracy theories of his own about what went down in the
desert over 50 years ago. “I think something did crash. Whether it was a
UFO or government top secret project that went awry, it was probably fairly
suspicious.” One things for sure-playing an out-of-this-world being has
turned Brendan into an alien expert in the public’s eye. ” I get asked a lot
of alien questions,” he says


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