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Jason Behr in Canada’s TV Guide

Many thanks to Catbert who sent in this article and picture of Jason Behr, which appeared in the Canadian TV Guide, November 6, 1999. Only the parts of the article relating to Jason are listed here.

by Bridget Byrne

Edge and Grace in Menswear

…….Courtier stylist David Youkhannah cites The Practice lawyer Dylan McDermott as being the most stylish TV star on-screen and off: someone who is in the forefront of re-establishing the fact, “that fashion for men is acceptable like it was back in the ’40s and ’50s when Gary Cooper, Clark Gable and Cary Grant always looks so great.”

Youkhannah recently outfitted Jason Behr, handsome young star of Roswell, for a photo shoot, selecting suits by Paul Smith. The stylist believes this English designer creates clothing which combines “traditional tailoring with edgier sophistication,” a look also achieved by Prada and Hugo Boss………………


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