Futon Critic’s Weekly Rant – 10 Cases of Network Idiocy

Angel Girl sent me mail to check this out, but The Futon Critic is one of my favorite sites. If you haven’t seen it, its well worth the time to go look around! The Futon Critic himself, occasionally posts on Roswell 2 also. Follow the link below to go to the site.

7. The WB having some odd angst with “Roswell.”

Have you ever walked into work and had your co-workers give you strange looks for no apparent reason? Looks that make you think you did something wrong? And yet you’re one of the best employees – you show up to work on time and do an all around bang up job, even better than people who had been there for a while. Somehow though these folks don’t like you though. That’s exactly how the WB treats “Roswell.” It’s the second highest rated new series on the WB (behind “Angel”). It does better than one of your cornerstone series (“Felicity”) in the ratings. And it also is one of the few series that attracts teenagers and science-fiction fans. Not to mention the fact it kept not only its current ratings but built on it when it moved to the toughest timeslot on the network (Mondays at 9/8c). How does the WB reward the show? By saying it’s on the bubble. By making its fans build the largest campaign for renewal the network has ever seen. By treating the show all around like crap. Tell me Mr. WB Network Guy, what did the show do so wrong that it deserves this kind of treatment? You should be touting this baby for all to hear, instead you’re too wrapped up saving face with your precious “Felicity.” Screw that.


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