The Year in Chat: Ultimate TV best quotes

Mandy sent in this article that she did for Ultimate TV- The Jason Behr quote at the end didn’t make it in, so this is an exclusive to us at fanforum! Thanks Mandy!

1999: The Year in Chat
The Top Talkers at UltimateTV…

Q: What makes your character sexy?
A:If men like my character, they may need to be analyzed. Men like women who may be flaky and they wake up to but I don’t know what makes her sexy. I’m a women but you can ask a man that.
Charisma Carpenter
The WB’s “Angel”

Q: Did you need to hang out in strip clubs to prep for ‘Varsity Blues,’ or were you already a vet?
A: I was a Vet. As a matter of fact, I have a veteran’s license plate on my truck.
Ron Lester
The WB’s “Popular”

Q: Do you think that you could make a sitcom based on your life?
A: Yeah, I think that’s a possiblity but I’ve got funnier scenarios which would suit a sitcom better. My sister’s life is hilarious with her roommates and co-workers. I have a ton of ideas and my life isn’t the best one.
Erik Von Detten
ABC’s “Odd Man Out”

Q: Tell us what each of the “Everybody Loves Raymond” cast members bring to the show?
A: Doris Roberts when she auditioned knocked it oiuf the park. She does her role better than anyone else. Same with Peter Boyle. To get Peter was a major deal. Everytime he opens his mouth he’s hilarious. Brad Garrett, He opened his mouth and we fell over laughing. He’s indescribably good. The hardest part to cast in a sitcom is the wife because she has to be all things to all people and here comes a great actress who can cry even funny. She’s completely natural and believable and she can have a crazy side too. That’s what a great actress will do for you and I really didn’t have a choice with Ray.
Phil Rosenthal
Executive Producer, CBS’ “Everybody Loves Raymond”

Q:Who’s your favorite alien?
A: ET. Everyone wants to phone home with him.
Shiri Appleyby
The WB’s “Roswell”

Q:Who would you choose Noel or Ben?
A:Umm, Well I’ve never had someone ask me that question. I think Elena would choose Noel because the character is bright and Elena is a bookworm. She’s cool but studious and that fits more with Noel than Ben. But opposites attract so she may be with Ben. I don’t thinl she’d be with Noel. She’s too loyal to Felicity. She wouldn’t go out with her friend’s boyfriend so she’d go to Ben. That is, unless Noel and Felicity break up..not like that will happen. Just using that as an example because of what Elena had to go through with her best friend and her boyfriend. I don’t think Elena would do the same thing to Felicity.
Tangi Miller
The WB’s “Felicity”

Q:Can you tell us the funniest moment you’ve had on the set?
A:There is one that comes up where Brad’s girlfriend tells my character the noodles in her lasagna are sometimes overcooked and well you can imagine. There was also an episode where we went back in time and Raymond was 16 and he said something like “Well, if you bend over, she’ll powder your behind” And we actually kept that in the episode.
Doris Roberts
CBS’ “Everybody Loves Raymond”

Q:What about the thing with the sock where you played a trick on Katie (Holmes)??
A:Ha Ha. Yeah, there was a part of the scene where I actually had the jock strap/thong thing on and I asked wardrobe to stuff a sock for me to play a joke on Katie and I tucked it under my towel and when the towel came off, she was really embarassed and will kill me for telling this story again. It was going to be a tense day and I wanted to help loosen things up.
Kerr Smith
The WB’s “Dawson’s Creek”

Q: Do you remember a moment realizing on Seinfeld that the show was taking off?
A: I wrote the first script that Seinfeld produced by a free lancer. After that was shot, Larry said to me, ‘If we were picked up for next year, you can have a job here.” And I thought how can this show not get picked up. It’s brilliant. There was never a doubt in my mind that the show was going to make it. Even in my second full season on the show, we got nine Emmy nominations and at the time we were still getting beaten by “Jake and the Fat Man”. We picked up some champagne and I said, “Gentleman, we’re better than Evening Shade”
Peter Mehlman
Executive Producer, ABC’s “It’s like, you know…”

Q: What is your fondest memeory from “The Wonder Years?”
A: I would say when I was filming the episode “Losers” for which I got an Emmy nomination for. I was also filming at the same time a very emotional episode of “Cina Beach”. So I would rehearse my “China Beach” lines in between breaks on the “Wonder Years” and I would work on these lines and literally be weeping and then clean up my face and get my make-up touched up and they would set up a shot where the whole shot was to throw a ball at my head and shoot me down. Dumb old Coach Cutlip. I remember very clearly going that day from the sublime to the ridiculous over and over and juxtaposing those two roles all day was making me thrilled to be an actor.
Robert Picardo
UPN’s “Star Trek: Voyager”

and the Jason quote:

UltimateTV: How was it working on “Dawson’s Creek”?
Jason Behr: Everyone was great on Dawson’s Creek. You walk on the set and they were very open and friendly. The first night I was there in Wilmington, I got a call saying I wasn’t working for another two weeks and I was bummed but then I got a call from Josh (Jackson) saying that they (the cast) were gonna go shot some pool and they invited me along. Everyone is so nice and open and great to work with.


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