Miko Hughes Transcript From TV Guide Chat

Thanks to Catalinay for this. She got most of the chat except for the beginning.

Question: How many more episodes will you be in?

TVG Miko: Right now I’ll be on tonight. I’d don’t know what time zone
you’re all in.
TVG Miko: But it’s in 4 hours for the west coast.
TVG Miko: It’s not official but they’ve been asking about 2 more episodes.
TVG Miko: That’s the last I heard. There could be more.
TVG Miko: Those two might fall through, I don’t know.

Question: Are you doing any more voice over work in the future?

TVG Miko: Yeah, I try to do some of that.
TVG Miko: I do ADA a lot. Nothing you’d recognize me from.
TVG Miko: I was on a series, a cartoon series, for a while.
TVG Miko: Life With Louis.
TVG Miko: I try to do all the aspects of the businesss.
TVG Miko: business.

Question: Your an amazing actor. Did you ever take lessons? Or does it come
Question: naturally?

TVG Miko: It’s a little of both. I go over it by myself.
TVG Miko: I take classes once in a while.
TVG Miko: I hop around a lot with different coaches and I try to get as
much as I can from each one.
TVG Miko: It’s a conglomeration of different things I pick up here and

Question: How do you like playing the “evil” alien as opposed to a goody
Question: goody role?

TVG Miko: It’s really fun, I like it.
TVG Miko: It’s nice. It’s a change.
TVG Miko: Usually, I play the cute little kid who saves his dog, or the
annoying kid
TVG Miko: who’s just there.
TVG Miko: This has been very interesting.
TVG Miko: It’s one of the most fun roles I’ve ever done.

Question: hey miko!! whats your fav book?

TVG Miko: I don’t have one favorite book of all time. I like the Tripod
TVG Miko: I also like the DOOM books, like the video game.
TVG Miko: Those are two of my favorie series.
TVG Miko: I also like the Resident Evil books.

Question: Are you going to be doing any other movies or TV shows in the near
Question: future? (Sorry if this was already asked, I just came in)
TVG Miko: Currently, not really, no.
TVG Miko: I just did, I don’t know if it will be rerunning.
TVG Miko: But I just did a Twice in a Lifetime.

TVG Miko: Pretty much Roswell right now is what I’m working on.

Question: If, for some reason, you had to stop acting right now, what would
Question: you want to do with your life?

TVG Miko: That’s a tough one. I’d probably get into computers. A game
TVG Miko: I have no life. If this falls through I have no experience in
anything else.
TVG Miko: That’s really bad. Probably computers.
TVG Miko: Whatever is fun.
TVG Miko: I’ll find something I like.

Question: Being such a cutie, my friend wanted me to ask if you are
Question: currently in relationship status with anyone special?

TVG Miko: That’s really cool. Currently, no, not at all.
TVG Miko: What’s your number?
TVG Miko: No not right now. Not for a while. It’s really depressing.
TVG Miko: It’s kind of hard being in the business.
TVG Miko: I’m always working and I’m homeschooled.
TVG Miko: I don’t get to see anyone except on the weekend.

Question: what kind of girl are you looking for?

TVG Miko: Someone who can be really funny and come down and need to be
TVG Miko: I know people that are too serious or too funny.
TVG Miko: Someone with a good sense of humor.
TVG Miko: Let me think.
TVG Miko: That’s tough…
TVG Miko: With a nice personality.

Question: What kind of music do you like?

TVG Miko: I’m a weird kid. I like everything.
TVG Miko: I like classical when I need to think.
TVG Miko: Typical teenager.
TVG Miko: I like heavy metal, I don’t like pop too much.
TVG Miko: I’m into Techno a lot right now.
TVG Miko: I like to old 20’s music.

Question: I’ve read that you’re half Chickasaw; what’s the other half?

TVG Miko: Normal? …
TVG Miko: I think my dad is part Caucasian I guess.
TVG Miko: I’m not half Chickasaw, I’m like 1/16.
TVG Miko: You’d never know by looking at me.
TVG Miko: My mom is all into it.

Question: I was wondering, do you ever chat in the room connected to your
Question: site? If so, when? And is it ever anonymously?

TVG Miko: No I didn’t know there was one. But I might check it out after

Question: What was it like to work with the cast of Roswell? And any hints
Question: about the future of Roswell that you can drop us fans?? ~
Question: RoswellXGoddess

TVG Miko: I don’t really know that much. It’s kind of top secret.
TVG Miko: You only get the script a few days before you film.
TVG Miko: The cast was great.
TVG Miko: I’ve done guest spots before, it’s nice, but they’re like you’re
not going to be there
TVG Miko: next week.
TVG Miko: They’re like the nicest people to work with on a series.
TVG Miko: It’s like family.

TVGLive2: Thanks Miko! We’ll definitely be watching and PLEASE come back
soon to talk with us!!!

TVG Miko: Thanks for coming. Nice talking to you all.