Brendan FehrLeading

Much On Demand …” Brendan Transcript

Thanks SO MUCH to Kim (Nublin) for transcribing this with Brendan.

Rick The Temp – R
Brendan – B (obviously) :D

(I’m not transcribing the intro by R because I don’t think anyone really

Okay he goes on to say that “tonight’s gonna be a special, special, special
show not only because we’re starting off with 3-11 a band I love. Uh,
Brendan Fehr’s in town. He was at the 2000 MuchMusic Video Awards and he’s
here to co-host the show with me so give it up right now for Brendan Fehr,
here he is.”
B – Hey!
R – Alrighty I’ll join you.
B – Alright
R – How you doin buddy?
B – Good. How are you doin?
R – Pretty good. Very good.
B – Good.
R – We didn’t meet the other night.
B – No we didn’t.
R – You were to busy partying.
B – I was partying…
R – With the A-List people.
B – Oh come on now…
R – And I was uh…
B – He went home early because he was responsible, he had a job to do so uh
R – So you stayed a little longer then I did obviously
B – Yeah I was up till about four
R – Good for you…good for you
B – Hey I’m back in my country for a little while I figured I’d party it up
you know
R – Now why are you back here by the way…just for the awards
B – For the MMVA’s
R – Just for the MMVA’s
B – Just for the MMVA’s
R – That’s so nice of you
B – Yeah
R – We do have a clip, we’re gonna show that in a little while but first
you’re here…Roswell is the show
B – Yeah
R – Premiering, Debuting on CityTV Monday October 2nd at 10:00 p.m. also,
that’s our sister station if you didn’t know that, also on our other sister
station, we have a lot of sisters and brothers here
B – (laughing) Yes
R – stations…Space gonna be premiering there on Friday October 6th at 9:00
p.m. Just to let you know if you’re gonna be watching the CityTV show, this
week or Monday October 2nd uh the next week, the following week on October
9th it’ll go into it’s regular time slot which is 9:00 p.m.
B – 8….
R – Uh…8:00 p.m.
B – 8:00 p.m.
R – All these times…all these days, it’s a crazy, crazy job. Come over this
way Brendan a little bit more (obviously they’re moving across the floor)
B – I’m following you, alright
R – So let’s explain the, I’m sure there’s a few people out there, 2 or 3,
that haven’t seen the show. You’re an alien.
B – Yeah we got…there’s a, first season we got 3 aliens, we got a little bit
more now but
R – There’s more aliens now.
B – There’s more aliens now. Pilot starts off 3 aliens trying to make there
way through high school, trying to keep their secret identities exactly
that, a secret. And my buddy blows it by healin a girl who gets shot and um,
suspicion all around the town and um local sheriff, FBI, everybody gets
involved. And we’re runnin around and havin fun.
R – All right so Roswell is an actual town (I have to ask what planet is
this guy from that he hasn’t heard of Roswell) somewhere down in the States.
B – Yeah Roswell, New Mexico it’s in the south east corner of New Mexico and
in ’47 the infamous crash so in that sense our show is based on an actual,
or no one knows if it’s actual, weather balloons, spacecraft’s, but yeah we
take that history of it and we turned it into a cool TV show I hope.
R – Great, Now you guys have seen it (turns to the crowd of girls standing
by the open window, you have to see the set to understand but the window is
HUGE) They’re big fans, we’re gonna be comin over there in a little while.
We’ll get back to that show as well, as well as other things about your
life. But it is Much on Demand, they demand the videos, we play the videos
for them.
B – Cool
R – Do you wanna start off… I think you have a request in your hand.
B – Yeah I got one right here
R – For the Rainbow Butt Monkeys who are now ‘(can’t understand what he
said)’, we all know that
B – Yeah we all know that. From Brianna Uzelman (sp) Saskatoon, Saskatchewan
she requests ‘The Rainbow Butt Monkeys, Danananana
R – Nice…very colorful request
B – Yeah nice monkeys
R – but we’re gonna start out with this it’s uh Julia in Mississauga, she
wants to see Down by 311, this is ‘Down’ by ‘311’ right here with me and
Brendan on Much on Demand

R – Back with Much on Demand, got more videos to get to (They’re standing by
the HUGE window with the fans) Brendan’s signing some things here.
B – We’re working
R – For some people who came down to join you…we’re always working and you
guys came down to join you (Something happens behind the crowd and Rick
jumps up on the sill and starts saying something about the Ty-Cats (sp?)
Something about kicking butt. ) You’re actually a Bombers fan though aren’t
B – No I’m an NFL guy (has to lean over because he’s holding his microphone
under the pictures he’s signing)
R – Oh come on
B – I know
R – Sure big shot living in LA, have so many teams to choose from down
there, we have 8 good teams up here or is it 9. So there’s a request here
from Danielle of Windsor, she wants to see ‘Angel of Mine, by ‘Monica’
that’s on it’s way. We thought we’d bring Brandon (yes he did actually call
him by the wrong name I didn’t misspell it) over here to the window cause
you guys have been down here for awhile. Big fans? And back there as well.
Crowd – Yeah
R – And you had a question for Brendan. What’s your name?
A – My name’s Amanda (both Brendan and Rick have climbed up onto the sill so
they are looking down at the crowd, sort of, again you have to know the set.
They are in front of the crowd but standing a little higher then them) and I
wanted to know if you had a choice to have anyone star on your show, who
would it be?
B – Ahh, should we get down, because we’re to high, um, uh Mettalica I guess
man. (laughs) I don’t know if he can act. I’m like the biggest fan; I’m
bordering on obsessive with them so uh. But it would have to be, as an actor
Anthony Hopkins. I think he’s too classy for our show but if I could request
it I’d do it, I dig that guy.
R – Alright why Anthony?
B – Um, I always say he could like say the alphabet, you know what I mean,
he could just rally it off and you stunned that like E comes after D, you
know what I mean he makes it sounds really interesting. So he’d be the one.
R – Do you like Anthony Hopkins as well? (he’s asking Amanda)
A – Yeah
R – Who would you wanna see on the show Roswell?
A – Um, I don’t know maybe Justin Timberlake from N’Sync
B – I hope that never happens. (entire crowd starts laughing)
R – Is he an act? Can he act? Can he act or? Have you seen him act? (crowd
is saying no) He can’t act. He can sing, he can dance maybe but…
B – He did get a movie thought didn’t he…I think he got one
(small conversation about the movie, Brendan doesn’t say anything, the movie
was okay and he can sort of act)
Amanda points at Brendan and says ‘You’re better”
B – Thanks man.
R – There’ s another question down here, Morgan is it, Morgan you have a
question, go ahead.
M – Um, well you kinda answered it a bit with the Metallica thing but I was
kinda wondering other then Metallica what other bands do you like?
B – Uh, ya know ya gotta go with ‘The Hip’, um I like the old stuff from
‘The Hip’, ‘Road Apples’ and ‘Up to Here’ and stuff like that, um ya know
anything from Seattle almost, ya know, back in the 90’s and ’92 and stuff
like that ‘Sound Garden’, ‘Pearl Jam’ um anything heavy.
R – ‘Alice in Chains’
B – ‘Alice in Chains’ yeah, ya know I need heavy guitar, drums and energy ya
R – I’m just looking at you listening to you say all this stuff ya know
you’re into the music, you’re into the acting, you like the sports as well,
but we’ll get into that, but your first love, I don’t even know if this is
true not, I read it somewhere, Counting
B – Yeah numbers
R – Numbers
B – Numbers, when I first started out I digged numbers, uh, you know growin
up, I got…(starts chuckling) uh nice (a guy in the crowd made a very lewd
gesture) I got a guy making obscene gestures at me. Yeah numbers, there’s
only, yeah I never grew up wanting to be an Actor or a Rock Star or anything
like that, you know growing up in Winnipeg, not that you don’t, it’s just
not a reality, I mean it is a reality but it’s not something… When you’re
born in Hollywood, it’s there and it’s around you ya know what I mean.
Living in Winnipeg you know, and I wanted to be a teacher and I liked Math
in school and numbers there’s one right answer you know what I mean. It’s
not subjective you don’t write an essay for English and the teacher go well
uh I’ll give you a C cause it’s not my, and it’s like no screw you man.
Numbers 2 plus 2’s 4, it’s done, you’re over, you can check it and you can
go home. So uh I like black and white.
R – A lot of big stars come from Winnipeg though (Brendan gives him a really
strange look) It’s not as bad as Tuktuyuktuk (sp)
B – No, no
R – North West Territories, nothing against Tuktuyuktuk, there’s a lot of
good people out there.
B – They had a good concert though.
R – Yeah right
B – They had Metallica go up there with Hole and all the rest of it. I
remember that man.
R – That’s was a couple years ago
B – Yeah it was.
R – We do have someone on the line from somewhere in Ontario, if you can
tell us where (little chat about where Ashley is from) This is Brendan would
you like to say hello?
A – Hi
B – Hey how you doin.
R – Now Ashley before we get to you request do you have a question for
Brandon (yes he did it again) or, do you wanna ask him how his day’s goin
B – She’s gonna say no and I’m gonna feel bad dude.
R – Did you see him on the awards?
A – No actually I couldn’t because I was skating
R – You were skating
A – Yeah I’m a figure skater
R – Well check this out we’re gonna be re-airing the awards tomorrow night
if you wanna watch.
A – Okay
B – Way to plug that man
R – He did a great job last night, well Thursday night, it feels like it was
last, no it’s been a couple nights already hasn’t it
B – It’s Saturday (laughing because obviously Rick has no idea what day it
R – What would you like to see? (the girl on the phone is really shy and
Rick is teasing her about how we can’t see her) I know you’re never gonna
forget that voice though right?
B – Never
R – (talking about her request) Say bye to Brandon, (and again)
A – Bye Brandon (she did it too)
B – Bye

R – We’re back with Much on Demand (goes on to talk about how much longer
they will be here and that Brendan is there) A comment that I heard, I
thought you heard it as well uh, ‘Brendan I love your hair’
B – Yeah
R – Who asked that one? Because that’s a different, it’s different look for
B – Yeah it’s was uh, it was up before.
R – It was up. Not it’s all down.
B – Now it’s all down
R – Because of the rain?
B – No, I wanted, you walk around and everyone’s goin, you know they’ll come
up to you ‘oh you’re the kid with the hair on that show’ ya know. Then you
know it’s time nix it. So I was like I want’em to come up and go like, ya
know ‘You’re the good actor’ or something like that. So, so uh, so so we
changed it up. And uh you know it’s..
R – Would you just shave it all off? :eek:
B – We thought about it.
R – Yeah
B – We thought about going bald but I don’t think I have the head for it.
My nose would get bigger and all this stuff so. It’d screw around
R – I could really…We were sort of started talking about sports earlier.
You’re a jock, you played a lot of sports growing up, you still play sports.
B – Uh, not as much as I’d like to. I actually play, we film in uh, a city
called Covina out in California. It’s about 45 minutes away from Los
Angeles, and I play with the, the Police softball team. Out there once in
awhile, the Covina PD, so that’s cool but other then that. All my gear got
ripped off for hockey so…
R – Really?
B – So I gotta buy some.
R – You’re a big time actor now living in Los Angeles I’m sure you can
B – Yeah but I wanna but it here. They don’t have no selection of hockey
gear down in the States.
R – Cooper, Bauer
B – Bauer
R – Yes
B – Bauer
R – Canadians best and Don Cherry has a line ‘Winwell’ (I think, they say it
so fast I couldn’t tell for sure)
B – Winwell
R – Winwell, don’t forget them. So would you say hockey’s your favorite
sport of all the sports?
B – Yeah, yeah hockey’s my favorite. You don’t get much down there, I gotta
get like Center Ice on satellite or something like that. But um I dig all
kinds, baseball’s comin down, I’ve learned a lot, watched a whole game of
baseball now and stuff like that. The Met’s are my team.
R – Met’s…okay. Not the Angels. Have you been watching the Olympics?
B – Not much
R – Not much of them?
B – Not much
R – Okay, You missed a great field hockey game the other day
B – Oh yeah
R – Germany almost went down to Canada it was (something about cigarette or
something)…it was nice
B – We got what, we got four medals now?
R – Five medals, we have five medals
B – Five, we’re workin our way up.
R – The guy that was doin the trampoline, he won one.
B – Rock n’ roll
R – The trampoline, he got the bronze on the trampoline
B – Bailey’s out so that sucks
R – What kind of sport is that, trampoline…hockey, I wanna see some soccer
all that
B – We gotta wait for the Winter Olympics
R – Exactly
B – That’s our thing
R – Snowboarding and all that stuff
B – Yeah
R – Okay on to more videos okay you pass, you’re the vitto man, are we
allowed to play this one. Um Nicole from Bedford, Nova Scotia she wants to
see The Backstreet Boys, The One. Whaddya think?
B – I don’t wanna, I mean, I don’t wanna disappoint Nicole. So Nicole this
my present to you, it’s not Christmas yet but it’s comin up. I’ll let you
play the Backstreet Boys man (very sarcastic :D)
R – There you go, lucky you. Good guy isn’t he to let you watch the
Backstreet Boys
B – Watch the show though
R – Backstreet Boys, right here on Much on Demand

R – You know who, I was thinkin that you looked like someone and you know
it’s Rob Thomas, is what, you have the same hair as Rob Thomas from Matchbox
B – Ahhhh,
R – Am I right, am I right? (asking the crowd)
B – I don’t think I look, I got the same hair
R – The same hair, the way it comes down and it curls (the crowd at this
point is saying that Brendan is hotter) Brendan’s hotter (crowd is saying
way hotter as Brendan leans back and puts his microphone in front of them so
everyone can hear what they’re saying)
Crowd – HOTTER!
B – Alright
R – And Rob was at the awards the other night, you were at the awards
B – Yeah
R – and what’s this…you were showing some skin, you were showing a little
bit of skin here
B – Ahh, yeah I um, yeah I got a new tattoo
R – And that’s what you were showing
B – Yeah so I showed it off at the awards
R – Let’s have a look at that, cause I missed that let’s have a look
Goes to clip of MMVA’s. He’s on stage with a band, I think it’s Moby the
band he introduced and George another VJ from Much Music who I just happened
to be ‘involved’ with we’ll say, some years back.
George – Now you just got this two weeks ago right(he’s pointing to the
tattoo on Brendan’s arm for those of you who don’t know it’s on his upper
arm, not sure of the exact name of it, but he has his shirt sleeve pulled up
to reveal it)
B – Yeah I just, I flew up to Vancouver and got it done (and might I just
add that Brendan looks very nice in leather pants!!)
G – You’re a good British Colombia boy
B – Yeah I figured my first tattoo should be in Canada so
G – Well done
Clip is over and it goes back to Brendan, who was standing up checking out
the clip on a monitor, I think he wanted to see what his tattoo looked like.
R – Alright so okay what is it like a mosquito, what is that thing?
B – No, it’s uh, it’s um
R – I didn’t have a good look at it
B – It’s actually (goes to lift up his shirt, but sorry Fehrians he doesn’t,
but yes the girls right behind him lean forward in hopes that he will) here…
R – You’re gonna take your shirt off
B – No (then tries pulling up his sleeve, the look on his face is priceless
because of the girls behind him, actually one offered if he needed any help)
but my sleeves are too tight
R – Don’t worry about it, don’t worry, just explain
B – It’ s a, it’s a, it’s actually from a Metallica t-shirt
R – Okay
B – And I didn’t, it’s cheesy getting like a Metallica when you’re like a
big fan, you know what I mean, but the character was so cool and they don’t
use it to advertise and I’m a big fan of flames and uh he’s got like, he’s
like a guy on fire kind of, I don’t know
R – Oh check this out (Rick pulls up his pant leg and shows off his tattoo)
B – Oh
R – See
B – There you go…nice
R – You like flames, you like flames, you like dice. I got a flaming dice
right there.
B – Nice
R – Okay enough of that. So did you have a good time at the awards?
B – Yeah I did it was uh, um. Yeah it was a lot of fun. Cause Lenny Kravitz.
R – They were your first.
B – Yeah they were my first. Yeah in terms of the music awards of some sort
and the MMVA’s. Lenny Kravitz and The Guess Who were awesome and uh ya know
I like the way it’s thrown, it’s just like a free for all. But you know it’s
just like a control chaos thing and that keeps everybody’s energies up, you
don’t have to go back to your seats and all this stuff. So everyone’s real
loose and I think it makes it easier for you to go up to people and talk and
stars or fans or whatever else so it’s very cool.
R – Very good time and you introduced Moby right?
B – Yeah uh, I got to introduce Moby
R – Right on
B – Who did a heck of a job
R – Right on and I got to meet (someone from Destiny’s Child) but we won’t
go there. (gets up and turns around to face the girls standing behind them)
You guys wanna request a video right? What are you’re names?
Tanya and Jenn
R – What do you want to see?
T – American Psycho by Triple Charger
R – Is that okay with you…boss?
B – That’s cool, that’s Canadians man, Triple Charger let’s rock n’ roll
R – Check it out Triple Charger

R – So you’re leaving soon, thanks for coming by, thanks for being at the
B – Thanks for having me.
R – But just before you go I have one more question here, um, Winnipeg,
Vancouver or oh sorry New Westminster
B – New Westminster I was born, yeah
R – Grew up in Winnipeg, you’re living down in LA now
B – Yeah
R – Pick a favorite out of all those three there, where would you…
B – Uh, Winnipeg man. Just cause my buddies are still down there. So, I mean
it’s whereever your buddies are that makes a town cool, ya know what I mean
R – True
B – Bryan, Greg and uh Just (I think that’s what he said) How ya doin?
R – Nice little shout there. And uh what are you, are you working on
anything else other then Roswell?
B – Yeah I did a movie this summer uh, called The Forsaken uh, with Kerr
Smith from Dawson’s. We went down to Arizona, it’s vampire movie um and uh,
yeah we, we kicked some ass it in it’s just
R – It’s the Lost Boys
B – Yeah it is, it’s a Lost Boys slash Lethal Weapon um and it’s uh it’s
very, very cool. Turned out a lot better then I thought it would. It comes
out January 19th.
R – Right on
B – So go see it
R – I’m gonna go see that one
B – Thanks
R – (turns to the crowd behind them) Are you guys gonna go see it as well?
(resounding yes’s from the crowd)
B – What was the date I said? (crowd starts laughing) Yeah…January 19th,
there you go
R – You should know that, that’s AJ’s birthday isn’t it, from the Backstreet
Boys. (someone in the crowd tells him it’s the 9th) Okay the 9th, whatever,
how am I supposed to know things like this. So now residing in Los Angeles,
you must miss coming back home. Do you tend to come back here as often as
you can?
B – Um, yeah, I mean ya know, you, I work basically five days a week and so
a weekend from LA to go to Winnipeg is not really doable. Because uh, time
change it takes like a whole day to fly there, then a whole day back. So you
got like one day if you got a Friday off so um, Vancouver once in awhile.
You know you can skip up there for a weekend it’s a three hour flight. Um,
but yeah ya know, I keep busy down there on the weekends. I got a couple
buddies there, we have fun. Big Monopoly tournaments man.
R – Big Monopoly tournaments
B – Yeah, we’re big Monopoly freaks
R – Are you the top hat or the car?
B – We play, we got like X-Men and the marble and um we got a whole bunch
R – Different characters.
B – Pokemon
R – Brendan good having you in here man, thanks for coming in. Again
recapping CityTV Monday, October 2nd Roswell will be debuting 10:00 p.m. and
the following week Monday, October 9th at 8:00 p.m. , that’s the regular
slot and it’s also on Space so check your local listings and times. Again
Brendan thanks for coming in, give it up for Brendan
B – Thanks man
R – Your request man, what would you like to see, your request
B – Metallica, The Thing That Should Not Be
R – Right on man
B – Yeah
R – Let’s stop talking and play the video. This is for you man, Metallica
B – Thank you
R – Thanks for coming in
B – Thanks man