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#BandT – Second Clue & The Teasing Continues

majandra_bandt_clue2If you were hiding on Antar you were definitely missing something here on planet earth. For quite a time Majandra Delfino and Brendan Fehr are posting hints on their Twitter pages. Please read our first rant about it here: Majandra & Brendan Tease #BandT and make sure to go on Twitter and read their mysterious teasing tweets.

If you are following right from the start and you had #BandT in your mind all the time and you didn’t stop scratching your head over this riddle you’re lucky: Now it’s time for clue number 2!!

It’s all about the clothing this time.

Majandra added another piece of the puzzle, but it’s again very tricky. Fans are still asked to post their guesses on the mysterious hashtag “BandT” “1,2,3 – what is #BandT?.

“We got leather, folks. Looks very leathery. #BandT, Brendan commented on the new posted photo.

We really liked Aminta and Miireyaa’s conclusion, that #BandT could be an abbreviation for “Back and Together”, which perfectly guided to another suggestion or wish from Taffy: “Can all of them be included? Like ultimate fan fiction coming true. Lol”

Brendan found another loophole to avoid the question what the two of them are up to or if he’s involved. He tweeted “Good question. Well, it’s like this, we’re going to… oh, someone just rang the doorbell, gotta go get it.”

So, do you have any more ideas what #BandT could mean? Who is standing on the door steps of Brendan’s house… or to be more precisely, who is involved in this #BandT-mystery? Is Brendan a part of this, too?

Please let us know your guesses. We can’t wait for clue number 3!


//EDIT: Shiri Appleby noticed her co-stars tweets and retweeted a post by Brendan!

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