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“Night Shift” at ATX TV S5 via Talk Nerdy With Us

Talk Nerdy With Us had the pleasure of talking to actors Robert Bailey, Jr., Brendan Fehr, Jill Flint, J.R. Lemon and Scott Wolf, along with executive producer Gabe Sachs at the recent ATX Festival and discussed the magnitude of their show, their characters’ growth and what happens in some of the lighter moments on set.

Brendan, I’ll come to you. Drew got deployed, and we’ve seen quite a different side of him overseas. He’s been a little more assertive. This Drew that’s coming back to San Antonio- is this the same Drew or a different Drew?

Brendan: “It’s definitely a different Drew. When we first started, TC was the guy that Drew looked up to. We had heard stories about him, and I think in a way TC was his mentor. It was because he would break the rules and do those things because they were the right things to do. I think over the course of the first couple of seasons, he sees TC do that, but then TC always goes a little bit further. I think there came a point when Drew was like, ‘that’s not necessarily the route I want to go.’ He was forced to find his own way.


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