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NY Daily News – TV Vue – Jason Behr and Roswell

Thanks to Pharo for sending this in.

‘Roswell’ Star Raring To Act Daring
As viewers of “Roswell” are well-aware, Jason Behr’s character, Max,
is the soulful, sober, straight arrow of the alien teens–and prospective
alien leader–on the WB series. But if the handsome actor has his way,
Max will get a chance to cut loose. “I’d like to see him get a little
crazy some time,” says Behr, “do something daring, cut his hair, get
a tattoo, maybe go skydiving.” He adds, “Max has been under this enormous
amount of pressure, trying to deal with his responsibility. He really
needs to let his hair down.”

They have a picture of him leaning against a fence (one of the ones at
thewb.com)under the article.

On the ASK STACY portion, they have a roswell question.

Q: Do you know if the WB will be releasing the “Roswell” seasons on tape?
-Erica, Brooklyn

A: According to Fox, there are no definite plans to release “Roswell”
episodes on VHS just yet. Execs are waiting to see how the show fares
for at least one more season before making such a major marketing decision.