An Urgent Appeal From The Campaign Crew

An Urgent Appeal From The Campaign Crew

Hey Roswell Fans,

We’re writing to you tonight to address a very serious matter concerning
Roswell. Our intention isn’t to cause panic with what we are about to say,
but to gain everyone’s FULL cooperation. Unfortunately, based on the present
ratings, we believe that Roswell is in greater jeopardy now than it has been
at any time this season. Although Roswell’s overnight ratings for last night
were pretty good (4.2/6), Roswell’s national ratings were only 2.6/4. This
is not so good. The national ratings are in a downward spiral, leaving our
favorite show’s future swinging in the wind.

The bad news is that we only have a week before sweeps begins, and we have to
act quicly because of that. The good news is that Roswell fans CAN make a
difference once again. The only way that we can be effective is for ALL OF
US to work together.

To better provide the fans with a direction in which to act, we have come up
with a list. We despirately need EVERY SINGLE Roswell fan to do as much as
possible to help the show. Here’s what we think will help. Items are placed
in the order of importance. Those at the top of the list are those that we
feel are most imperative.

1) We need to spread the word about Roswell. Please tell all of your
family, friends, co-workers, neighbors, classmates and acquaintances about
the show. This is by far the best way to get the ratings higher. Some of
the people that we happen to tell will be Nielsen viewers. In addition
spread the word at message boards, chatrooms and everywhere else on the
internet and in the world around you. We have to increase the public’s
awareness of Roswell ! Be creative! Fans have explored many options in the
past to increase Roswell’s popularity. If any of your friends would like the
Newsletter, they only need to send an e-mail to .

2) Get more people involved in helping with the campaigns. Get other
Roswell fans to help you! Get your friends to help. Even if they are not
huge fans, they could do you the favor if they have time to spare. This is
really important, folks! Send this notice to every Roswell fan that you

3) Please make a donation to PCF if you haven’t already. We’re trying to
help a child and generate publicity for the show at the same time. Ask
others to donate. Organize a benefit. Send the press release from the
previous newsletter to as many media organizations that you can, by both
e-mail and snail mail. These include newspapers, magazines, radio stations,
television stations, etc. This is important for both local and national
media. At the same time, tell them how great the show is! A good place to
start is here:

And send it to the Associated Press:

Associated Press
General/National Desk
50 Rockefeller Plaza
New York, NY 10020

4) Send an e-mail to The WB about how great last night’s show was and how
much you enjoyed it. Be specific and heartwarming. Tell them how it excites
you. We need good letters every day! Accentuate only the positive. No
negativity! These can be sent to . Also post on their
message board at Let’s drown them with e-mail and

5) Participate in the Season 3 letter writing campaign. More details are

6) Write to the sponsors. We have a relatively complete list of sponsors and
sample letters at:

7) Write to the WB Affiliates. Tell them how much you love Roswell. Send
them the PCF Press Release. I will send our best contact list in another
e-mail very soon.

If every Roswell fan is dedicated enough to do everything on this list, WE
WILL PREVAIL. We need to act quickly and cohesively. Please spend as much
of your spare time on this as possible.

Thanks again for everyone’s help and support. We really need it in order to
secure a 3rd season.

The Campaign Crew