Another Colin Hanks Article

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Found this in the January 29, 2002 issue of Globe…a cute picture of father and son, too!

Hanks But No Hanks: son hits big time – with no help from dad

Tom Hanks’ actor son Colin is making a splash in Hollywood with his new movie Orange County – but he’s done it all on his own.

“I’m totally self-sufficient and have been for years,” declares the lanky 24-year-old, who reveals that the last time his mega-rich father threw cash his way was when he was in college.

“And even then it was a minimum. The car I drive is mine,” he says, admitting that “when I turned 16, I got Dad’s old minivan. The house I live in, I pay for. Well, it’s a bungalow, that’s more like it!”

Colin, who grew up in Sacramento, Calif., with his mom Samantha Lewes, Hanks’ first wife, launched his show-biz career as a production assistant on his old man’s 1995 blockbuster flick Apollo 13.

A year later, he had a no-name walk-on part in Hanks’ flick That Thing You Do. Since then, he’s had to knock Tinseltown’s socks off with no help from papa.

Besides having to fight for roles with scores of struggling actors, Colin – who appeared on the cult series Roswell for two years before landing the lead in Orange County – reveals that having a superstar dad hasn’t helped his love life, either.

“My first time was after I left high school – I was 19,” he confides, noting that his romance with Dawson’s Creek actress Busy Phillips recently bit the dust, and he’s solo again.

But the rising star admits there’s one perk he’s never had to go without, thanks to his world-renowned pop – cutting in line!

Last summer, during a cheapie European vacation, backpacking and staying at hostels, he met up with his 45-year-old father and Hanks’ second wife, actress Rita Wilson, in Italy just in time for a VIP tour of the Vatican’s Sistine Chapel.

“Instead of waiting in line,” he confesses, “I went with them!”
-Bob Burns