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Canada’s 25 Most Beautiful People – Brendan

Thanks to db0415 for this:

Startv/citytv (roswells canadian affiliates) are

Canada’s 25 most beautiful people. Brendan
Fehr made the list. The show was on tonight (Jan 30) but will be run
again. Check the local listings.


Thanks to Nina for this:

Just wanted to give you this link

It looks as if Brendan is one of Canada’s 25 most
beautiful people. I saw him on a few of the TV
commercials already, and the link has a hint that he
will be one of the choices.
I’ll let you know how it goes
The show airs tonight at 8:00 pm, so all Canadian
Roswell Fans should watch!!

Thanks to pennyanng for this:

Brendan Fehr will be highlighted as one of Canada’s
most beautiful people to air on CITY TV channel 12 @ 8pm. January 30,2001.
Others to be on as well include: Neve Campbell, Paul Gross, Shania Twian, Jim
Carey, Keanu Reeves, Sarah McLachlan, Celine Dion and Pamela Anderson to name a

Thanks to Kayla for this:

I thought that you woul like to know that it is true that Brendan Fehr will be on “Canada’s 25 most Beautiful People” on CityTv in Toronto, Canada at 8:00pm. I know this because I saw the commercial for the show and Brendan Fehr was shown. This is the first ever
25 most beautiful people so I know that this isn’t from another episode.