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NY Daily News: Fans Plea To The WB

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Fans’ Plea to the WB
‘Buffy’ slaying feared

[…] “I’m a huge fan of our fans,” says Jason Katims, creator of “Roswell.” Not only because they watch the show closely, he says, but because they also have helped keep it alive.

Last year, fans sent thousands of bottles of Tabasco sauce to the network to demonstrate their support for “Roswell.” (Tabasco is the beverage of choice among the good aliens.)

“I believe they really were a major factor in helping to ensure the show came back for a second season this year,” says Katims. “They kind of pooled their efforts … and really demonstrated their passion and love of the show, and that really spoke to the network.” And luckily, the WB listened.

“The network is very sensitive and aware and sort of honors and listens to those kinds of writing campaigns and Internet campaigns,” says Katims. “There’s something very specific and particular about the WB, and that’s why it’s attracted the dedicated fan base.”

“Roswell” Web sites offer business-sized cards that say “Watch Roswell on the WB,” which fans leave in restaurants and on bulletin boards. The WB’s main Web site teems with young fans who gush over all of the shows from one main chat room.

A petition addressed to the WB reads: “The WB: Quality TV. Help Keep Our Fave Shows on the Air!” The petition is written by “The WB Fan for Life,” and hundreds of fans have signed.