Crashdown Exclusive

2nd Roswellian Gathering in LA

The second annual Roswellian gathering, planned by Roswell 2 moderators, London2LA and Fehrocious was held Saturday night at Q’s billards in West LA. Two hundred crashdown/fanforum posters came togehter to celebrate Roswell, and to participate in a Roswell Auction that benefitted the Pediatric Aid’s Foundation.

The highlight of the party was an auction of Roswell props, wardrobe, posters, and other items donated for the Aids charity. Kevin Kelly Brown, executive producer of Roswell served as auctioneer, and $17000 was raised for the charity. The amount was impressive considering that this party was only half the size of the August 2000 crashdown party. Unique items included a pair of Nick Wechsler’s boxer shorts, an autographed t-shirt from Jason Behr worn last weekend in a celebrity basketball game (and still unwashed), and a set of Gandarian crystals mounted into a light box and autographed by Bill Sadler.

Attendees enjoyed meeting their fellow Fan Forum posters over games of billiards, and with a variety of tasty food items. Producers Kevin Kelly Brown and Jason Katims, writers Aaron Harberts and Gretchen J. Berg, and other people associated with the production of the show were in attendance, and interacted with Fans.

Early arrivals waited in the rain for the doors to open webmaster, Michec, pauses to pose for a photo

Former Roswell mod, and current Fan Forum supermod, Lisa Bham and husband enjoy a beer

A party attendee models a shirt worn by Colin Hanks, won in the auction.

Camryn poses with NetRanger

Roswell Executive Producer, Kevin Kelly Brown serves as auctioneer

Jason Behr’s unwashed and autographed shirt was a big hit

Calvin Klein Boxer’s worn by Nich Wechsler were auctioned.

Up and coming actor, Silas “Chip” Gather poses with Nick Wechsler board moderator Freeky

toxic slush puppy (Far right) and friends wait in the rain for the valet to bring a car