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Brendan Fehr radio transcript – 2/5 KC, MO

Thanks to Kris for this:

Hey, just thought I’d share that this morning, Feb 5th, on Kansas City’s 96.5
The Buzz, Brendan Fehr was a guest. I typed up the transcript for you all.
The DJ’s are Rhino, Mongo, and Val (R, M, and V).

R: We’ve been talking about our next guest, uh, he was actually supposed to
be with us last hour, and uh, we had a slight delay. We apologize for that.
He’s a star on the WB’s Roswell. Now this is a really cool new show and
what’s interesting about this next guest, he actually plays an alien on
television. I wonder what it’s like playing an alien.

V: I wonder how they prepare for it

R: Are you guys fans of the TV show Roswell? This is a show that almost did
not see a second season on the WB. It got yanked.

M: I like it. I think it’s a cool show.

R: Is that true, did it actually get yanked?

V: It came back

R: It came back and there’s and interesting story behind it. And uh, here to
tell us about it on the show today, he plays Michael, the alien, just one of
the many aliens on the WB’s Roswell, please welcome to the show, Brendan
Fehr. How are you doing?

BF: Doing good. Do you really like to call it the whoo-whoo, or is that when
you have no idea what to say?

R: I, you know what, I really do call it the whoo-whoo. I’m fascinated with
UFOs, and yet, I don’t know if I believe. Do you believe in unidentified
flying objects, Brendan?

BF: I know, uh, sure, I suppose. I’ve never taken enough time to really
think about it. I don’t think, I mean I just, I don’t like to be wrong and
si- yeah, I don’t know. So I just, I�I�I h- yeah, I dunno.


R: So, you fall into the same category as I do!

V: The whoo-whoo category.

BF: Yeah, yeah, I mean yeah, I hate, yeah, I just, I just don’t want to be
proved wrong when there’s like nothing to go by. So�

R: And you can’t help but wonder, and it’s one of those things that I’m just
totally fascinated and I get engrossed whenever there’s a special about UFOs
and shows like Roswell. They’re those types of shows when you can’t help but
watch and then wonder. And it leaves you wondering.

BF: I suppose so. You know what, the- the extra-terrestrials never
interested me. I mean, besides that it’s uh, my job now.


M: Yes it is, buddy. You’re an alien.

BF: Yes, I am.

M: You play Michael, the alien.

BF: Yeah

M: Hey buddy, do they film this show in Roswell, in New Mexico?

BF: No. We film it in Los Angeles.

V: Have you been to Roswell?

BF: Um, no, I haven’t. Everybody says don’t go. Even people from, like,

R: Brendan Fehr, star of the WB’s Roswell. Brand new episode tonight. And
uh, it’s entitled “Disturbing Behavior.” What’s, uh, what’s going to happen
in this episode tonight Brendan?

BF: Um, me and uh, the character of Maria, who is my, um, on and off
girlfriend on the show take a road trip to somewhere in Arizona. I think its

R: Uh huh.

BF: Um..

R: A lot of UFO sightings out there, in Arizona, the Pheonix-Tuscon area.

BF: Yes, exactly. So we, we take a road trip out there with, uh, this girl
named Laurie, that’s been on the show for the past two episodes if you’ve
watched. And um,, she’s�she somehow holds, even though she doesn’t know it,
some keys to our alien past. You know some answers to, um, some of the
things. They’re all entitled, this story arc, titled The Hybrid Chronicles.
She holds the keys about our alien-human, and how those kinda, what cells you
need to make us basically.

R: You speak a lot of the female persuasion on the show. We have a listener
on the line that actually has a question for you.

BF: Oh, ok

R: Hey, are you there?


::line is disconnected::

R: Hello? Hold on a second�


R: Hello?


M: Dude, I just lost Brendan. Brendan!

BF: Hello.


R, M, and V: Yeah!

BF: Ah, dude, I was just out the door cuz I was so insulted.

::laughing still::

BF: But they called me back in here.

R: I have no�I have no idea what just happened. We just- we’re really sorry
about that.

BF: That’s all right

M: Thank god you’re an alien, you could get back to us so quickly

BF: Exactly

R: Unbelievable

M: Oh geez. Brendan, I saw this episode where you passed out at a science
fair, and your eyes got all weird.

BF: Oh yes.

M: And it scared me.

BF: Did it?

M: Yeah

BF: Perfect

M: Excellent acting, man

BF: Thank you very much. It was the contacts that freaked you out.

M: I have a serious question.

BF: Ok

M: You work with Colin Hanks, the son of Tom Hanks. How cool is that?

BF: Uh�I dunno�it’s not really cool that he’s tom hank’s�I think, we don’t,
we don’t deal with Tom Hank’s son, you know what I mean? He’s just like, I
dunno, he’s cool on his own. It’s not his dad that makes him cool.

M: So you didn’t get into Castaway with some sneak premiers or anything?

BF: Nope. I just actually saw it yesterday for the first time.

R: Brendan

BF: Yeah

R: Rhino here. Got a�Got a question for you. Now, I don’t know if this is
true or not, but I heard that towards the end of your first season of
Roswell, there were talks about having the show pulled off the air, that they
were gonna cancel it.

BF: Yeah.

R: And, the viewers, the fans of the show actually went out and started
mailing in Tabasco sauce to the WB.

BF: Yeah

R: Now, tell us about that. What’s the deal with the Tabasco sauce. Did
they really receive a bunch of Tabasco? I understand that the aliens drink

BF: Yeah. They received a couple thousand bottles, cuz on the show is a
little quirk of the aliens, that they put it on their uh, desserts and uh,
Coke and stuff. They like kind of this like sweet and spicy deal.

R: Is it real Tabasco that you use on the show?

BF: Uh, no. We have, I think its V8 Berry Splash.

R: Do you have to actually eat it though?

BF: It depends on�that’s funny, if you ever watch the show um, you don’t
actually see us eat our food at all. ::laughs:: We try and skirt around it
a lot. So um, we’ll pick up the burger and then before we’re about to take a
bite, we’ll say our lines.

M: Yeah, but then you, then they pan you and you’re chewing. What are you

BF: What? Well, um, its probably just, like a fry.


R: There’s no Tabasco sauce involved in this!

BF: But no, we’ll stick V8 Berry Splash in the Coke and drink it. We don’t
have any problems with drinking. But it�its uh�we always try and not to
eat. Because I mean, you take like 40 takes of it after you’re all done and
you’d eat like four burgers by the end of it.

R: What did, what did the people at the WB do with all the Tabasco sauce?

BF: Uhhhh�.you know, I really don’t know.


V: Have you heard of any chance of Roswell maybe being developed into a movie?

BF: That I don’t know. We’re just trying to get a third season.

M: Oh, I think it’s gonna happen. Yeah, otherwise�otherwise Tabasco sauce
and Frank’s and Dirky’s, man, look out, I’m buying stock.

BF: Exactly.

R: Brendan Fehr, star of Roswell. Brand new episode “Disturbing Behavior”
tonight at 8 o’clock on the WB 62. Thanks again for joining us today. Sorry
we lost you

BF: Oh, that’s all right. No problem. Thanks.

R: Thanks for calling us back. Best of luck.

BF: Alright.

R: We’re pulling for season number 3

BF: Excellent

R: Hey have a good morning

M: Later bro

BF: Goodbye