LeadingNick Wechsler

Transcript of Nick’s behind the scenes From WB.com

Thanks to AshBaby for this:

Nick: Dear God that�s close (Nick refers to the camera
close-up) but er�.

cut to quick snippet of Future Max and Future Liz at
Granalith, EOTW

Nick looking crestfallen: …. I like this episode a
lot and then they actually cut.. like one of my
favourite scenes… And *most* of my favourite lines
in my favourite scene� the one Liz and I were lying in

Quick scene of Kyle and Liz in bed, EOTW

Nick: They cut a crap load of that one (voiceover on
another Kyle-Liz bed scene from EOTW) I�m not even
sayin� (Back to Nick on camera) I nailed it but I try
** really** hard to not to be disappointed with myself
And if they knew it was the *one* thing I did that
liked� And I�m not really saying that I liked it all
that much �.. but it�s the closest that I�ve ever come
to �.not hating myself.