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`Spider’ snares Aykroyd, Russell for Ziehl, HBO

The Hollywood Reporter
Dan Aykroyd and Theresa Russell are toplining HBO’s “The
Spider” for director Scott Ziehl. The project is shooting in Los
Devon Gummersall (the WB Network’s “Roswell”) and Amelia
Heinle (“The Limey”) also star in the project, the third
installment of “Creature Features,” a series of five films
inspired by Samuel Z. Arkoff’s 1950s sci-fi monster classics.
“Spider” is about a young man (Gummersall) whose dream of
being a superhero goes awry. He ends up with a Jekyll and Hyde
personality. He has a crush on his neighbor (Heinle), who winds up
the target of the creature’s hunger. Aykroyd plays a detective
trailing the creature.
Aykroyd recently wrapped a role in “The Devil and Daniel
Webster” opposite Alec Baldwin, who directed. He next stars in
Disney’s “Pearl Harbor” and Woody Allen’s “The Curse of the Jade
Russell next stars in the indie feature “The Believer.”

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Devon Gummersall (who plays Sean DeLuca) has a significant role
in the 1999 movie _Dick_, which also stars Kirsten Dunst and
Michelle Williams of _Dawson’s Creek_. He plays Larry Jobs, the
older brother of Kirsten’s character.

He has changed quite a bit. At the time, he seemed to have almost
perfected his resemblance to Jon Arbuckle (from the _Garfield_
comic strip).