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Singer “Majandra’s” T-shirts Are Now For Sale!!!

Thanks to Sheila for this:


Mr.Rodriguez: Hello everybody, I am sorry to say the CD is still not ready but at
least the T-shirts are. Majandra is not only very busy with Roswell but she is flying everywhere for promotional events and film auditions.Never the less we are still working very hard on finishing her CD.

We decided to make 1000 T-shirts just for the 1000 people in The M Camp, but other orders will be accepted after 3-10-01. The 1000 T-shirts come in two styles- ‘Babydoll’ and ‘Baseball’ and in
four sizes- S, M, L, XL. The shirts will cost $20 with an extra $4.50 for shipping and handling , $ 9.50 for those outside the US. You can see the shirts on Sheila’s MajandraMusicMania site if you go to:


For the first two weeks the shirts will be available only to the M Camp. The shirts will not be advertised on the main Majandra site because they are supposed to be for you, the people of the Camp. If there are any shirts left over they will be sold to anyone who wants them after two weeks of this letter. If you want a shirt you will need to send me a letter with a note with this info on it:

Information can be found at the site: http://majandramusicmania.isonfire.com/

Thanks for your support guys! The T-shirts will take about 3 weeks for