Transcript of Nick’s commentary for Wipeout

Thanks to AshBaby for this:

Nick: I think that was� one of the scariest things
around� because as selfish (Cut scene in Wipeout when
Sheriff talks to Kyle before he disappears) as he can
be and you know, any person can be� (Cut back to Nick)
I think it�s scarier to think that their parents are
dying (cut to continuation of the same Wipeout
Jim-Kyle scene) than them dying themselves�.

But they survived what happened at the end of the 1st
season and it kinda made them� closer.

(cuts back to Nick, scratching the back of his ear)
Not that we�ve gotten to see a whole lot of that.. but
(back to Wipeout Jim-Kyle scene) in the 1st season, it
was all like�.I was sitting watching TV (cut back to
Nick) and Dad comes in and changes the channel, coz he
wanted to watch what happened in the news or
something. I�m like�. (Nick goes into a Kyle
protesting voice) �I was watching that�� (continuation
of Wipeout scene) and I get up and leave�. and it was
always like� (back to Nick) tough, you know� [he�ll] walk into the room and it�ll get quiet. (back to
Wipeout scene) I could be having a good time, he could
walk in and it just makes me uncomfortable.

Now, there probably is a hint of that still, because
not everything is perfect (cuts back to Nick) but I
think, we�re both more aware of� how precious the
other one is to us (Cuts to scene where Jim suddenly
disappears in Wipeout� leaving a shocked Kyle) and so
when that happened in that scene, I thought he was
frightened like crazy.